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  1. The Humans Are Dead
  2. The First Time Machine
  3. The future map of the world?
  4. Androids now use UV protection
  5. Shadow Analysis Could Spot Terrorists
  6. There is no difficult math
  7. Singularity with a multi-electrode array.
  8. God and the Singularity
  9. U.S. Army To Develop "Thought Helmets"
  10. The Singularity already happend.
  11. Nothingness and its opposite Everything.
  12. Unsolvable.
  13. 'Pre-crime' detector.
  14. Wiki articles to read about our coming future.
  15. I think I broke the A.I. (transript)
  16. World's smallest storage device lies in the nucleus of an atom
  17. Plasma rocket space drive in key test milestone
  18. All your dream are belong to us
  19. Researchers create graphite memory only 10 atoms thick
  20. Replicating Milgram: Most will still administer shocks
  21. Is the Yellowstone Supervolcano about to erupt?
  22. Cymothoa exigua
  23. Designer babies are here! All hail Gattaca!
  24. Computer program self-discovers laws of physics
  25. Robot discovers new scientific knowledge after designing, doing own experiments
  26. Students build 3D computer interface - (Awesome)
  27. 6 million frames per second Camera
  28. Could the net become self-aware?
  29. NASA may abandon plans for moon base
  30. Mind-controlled wheelchair
  31. Robot to create Facebook profile
  32. Take a virtual tour of the Internation Space Station
  33. Warp Drive Possible ...could cause black hole.
  34. Cash-for-Clunkers Bill Heads to White House
  35. Nasa aims to crash into the Moon at 6,000mph
  36. Mystery Of The Missing Sunspots Solved?
  37. Watch TV on your satnav
  38. Need a favor? Talk to my right ear
  39. Intertubes clogged after Jackson's death
  40. Apple's iPhone 3G S
  41. Pirate Bay Announces Sale to Swedish Company For $7.8 Million, dies an hour later
  42. Question to zelaron.com Auto Car Guru , were are you?
  43. Google Chrome OS
  44. Half of US Doctors Use Wikipedia for Diagnosis
  45. "Missing Link" found?
  46. Is fusion success in sight?
  47. First Anti-Cancer Nanoparticle Trial on Humans a Success
  48. Deriving e=mc^2
  49. Stephen Hawking - Aliens
  50. First Synthetic Cell manufactured
  51. Self-Awareness in Robots
  52. Playstation Phone
  53. Psp2
  54. The Universe May Be a Hologram
  55. headphones
  56. Transistors made from cottorn yarn
  57. Oculus Rift: A VR headset that (potentially) doesn't suck
  58. Computer Specs
  59. NASA Announces Discovery of Flowing Liquid Water on Mars
  60. Gravitational waves announcement
  61. The LHC has been taken out by a weasel. Again.
  62. High school geometry problem finally solved after 272 years