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Question MUSHclient / MUD's
Posted 2009-01-22, 10:12 AM
First off, let me start off by saying "I have no idea where to put this in, so i just decided Hey! let me put this in the RPG maker forum! for no specific reason" if anyone knows a better place to put this, go ahead and drag it over there (just tell me :P because then i will go crazy looking for the aliens that stole my topic)

Ok, now that i'm done with that intro I would want to know a couple of things here.

1). How many people here have ever played/tried a MUD?
2). How many people actually play MUD's regularly
3). Which MUD's people are playing atm.
4). Which clients they use, and why.
5). Have they made any decent scripts for their clients.

I've just recently got Hooked on Aardwolf (an MUD) and now am very interested in all the above questions. Here are my answers :P

1). Duh, aardwolf
2). Atm, am playing regularly
3). Only Aardwolf
4). MUSHCLIENT and ocassionaly the online one at Aardwolf.com
5). Scripts for auto-spells and auto-rearm, stuff like that. Nothing fancy.

Anyways, i'm trying to look for a way that i can make an auto-quest system. IN aardwolf you can only quest every 30 minutes of in-game time. What i want to have the script do is be idle for 30 minutes and then go to the quester, request a quest then take a look at a map file (that i have created) and find out where exactly the monster is that you have to kill, and bring you to it.

A quest in aardwolf goes like this.
1). you request a quest from questor (say that 3 times fast)
2). he tells you that a monster has killed people and you have to kill him for it
3). he tells you the general area the monster is in.
4). you go to the general area, then find the monster and kill him
5).return to the questor and then say "i've finished sire"
6). he gives you quest points and gold for finishing the quest.

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Wolfturn enjoys the static noises of ten television sets simultaneously tuned to 412.84 MHzWolfturn enjoys the static noises of ten television sets simultaneously tuned to 412.84 MHz


aardwolf, mud, mushclient, scripts, wolfturn

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