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Finite Films - Monthly Short Films
Posted 2012-01-30, 04:58 PM
So, Gizmodo put me on to this trio of film-makers, who go by the name Finite Films, that put together short films (around twenty minutes long) each month, starting from July last year.

On its own, that doesn't sound particularly impressive, I know. What really makes it is that the quality is incredibly high, and that each short film abides by seven constraints that are submitted, and voted on, by their fans on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Best of all is that everything is free to watch (though if you want to take part in the constraints voting, you need to register).


The films cover a lot of genres, too. For example, there's a horror short, an action short, SF shorts, awkward relations shorts, romantic shorts.

For example, the short film I have linked to below, Stealing Time, which, IMO, is not only one of their best, but also one of the best examples of time travel I've seen in a film - it's like Primer but easy to follow! - had the following constraints:

• Cannot take place entirely in one location.
• Someone must say the words “time travel.”
• Two characters must have a long-standing rivalry.
• When one character was a kid, he/she used to wish he/she could travel back in time to see real-life dinosaurs.
• One character is a wine lover and is very picky/elitist about their wine.
• One character prefers bubble baths to showers.
• Someone has to say: “I have to go back.”


Check them out: http://finite-films.com/

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