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Playstation Phone
Posted 2010-10-29, 02:41 PM
PlayStation Phone: Zeus Codename, Z-System and PSP1 Technology?


It looks like the early details on the PlayStation phone were correct, as more infomation is now starting to creep out to the masses. We’ve just heard that the PS phone is codenamed ‘Zeus’, and that it will be based on the PSP1 technology.

We first heard about the Zeus name in a fresh article from Engadget, who has strongly denied claims that the photos were fake. They reiterate that this thing is real and that it will be codenamed Zeus and run on a gaming platform known as the ‘Z-System’.

Furthermore, these details were backed up by this VG247 report, who have also been told about the Zeus name via one of their sources. However, they also revealed that the PlayStation Phone will be based on existing tech, seen in the Playstation Portable, and not something completely built-up from scratch.
Sony Takes a Swing at Apple with the Playstation Phone

Well if Apple’s going to invade the game market, how about if PSP invades the phone market? What you see above is the first official look at the new Playstation phone that Sony is shooting to release either in late 2010 for the holidays, or early 2011.

It very much resembles the new PSP Go, which now explains to puzzled customers why that iteration ever existed, as it was really a warm-up for the phone. It’s probably going to run on Android 3.0, and has a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 chi[, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, a 3.7 to 4.1 inch screen. There’s no memory stick slot, but supposedly will support MicroSD cards.

Other details are sparse, including the all-important pricing of the unit. PSP Go recently had its price slashed to $200, so I would imagine the phone would be at least $300, probably more. Sony isn’t exactly known for being cheap in any of their product lines. Remember that $600 PS3 launch?

What advantage this has over the iPhone is clear, it’s going to be better for gaming. While Plants vs. Zombies or Angry Birds might be just dandy on a touchpad, actual gamers prefer actual handheld systems, be they the PSP or Nintendo DS. Add in phone capability and you have yourself a winner.

But is the market out there? Sony loyalists already own a PSP, so the prospect of combining their devices might not be worth another $300 to them as it makes their current system useless. New converts could be hard to pick up as well, because as much as someone like myself loves gaming, the PSP only has a few titles I’d want to play, and none of them are worth giving up my iPhone for.

This is definitely a phone to keep an eye on as it is without question a strong leap forward for mobile gaming platforms. But its success or failure could sway Nintendo or Microsoft to pursue or shy away from similar offerings in the future.

There is a lot of weird information out there. Lots of details, Sony doesn't deny it, and a bunch of obvious fakes. It sounds like this may be legit.

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