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Posted 2010-02-06, 02:18 PM
Broken Repaired is a Llane late night raiding guild. Raids will start no earlier then 10pm server time, and typically won't last more then 3 hours a night.

Broken Repaired is run by a council consisting of Myself, and Mortikish.

We strive for excellence when we raid. We both have an extensive raiding history together. Some may recognize us from the guild Euphorium lead by Sangan pre-ulduar.

BR is NOT a hardcore raiding guild. We raid 2-3 nights a week with each raid lasting no longer then 3 hours. We are not so much concerned about the level of gear on your character, as we are your ability to dodge void zones, and side step out of fire.

BR is currently raiding end game content. We are focused mainly on ICC, however Thursday night is our retro/off night. We raid three nights a week; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursday and Friday's night raid starts at 10pm and lasts until 1am. Saturday's raid starts at 12am and lasts until 3am.

Progression nights are rough, wiping consistantly to stupid stuff isn't fun, nor is it practice. You could compare it to a basketball player chucking the ball 10' left from the hoop for hours and telling himself he is getting better. If you fuck up, you don't progress. Nights where we are working on content will last no longer then two hours unless raid census says otherwise.

Past events have caused us to open recruitment. We are currently recruiting a few core player positions, as well as reserves.

Guild Rules:
1. We demand that you show up to each raid 15 minutes early. Raid times are 3 hours a night. We begin invites 30 minutes early so we can pull on time.
2. We demand that you show up to our ICC progression nights.

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