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Anime Forum Rules
Posted 2006-05-12, 09:33 PM
Well well. Zelaron finally has it's own anime forum. Everybody get your party poppers and lets celebrate.

There are just a few simple rules that I request you follow while posting in this forum.

1) If you are going to post spoilers of ANY show or manga, USE THE SPOILER TAG. Unlike me, a lot of peopel don't want to know what happens at the end of a series before they even start. The tag for spoilers is such: <Spoiler=white>Sasuke is an emo bitch</Spoiler> with <> changed to []. It will look something like this:
Sasuke is an emo bitch
To read it, just highlight the text.

2) No linking or posting of images that contain nudity. I know, I kow, we all want our daily fix of Fate/Stay Night hentai, but there are little ones on these boards.

3) No linking to any hentai torrents. Same reason as stated above. You can still talk about titles and such though.... as long as it isn't furry hentai, then I'll gut you.

Other then that, all the general forum rules of no spamming, flaming, or advertising all apply here.

That's it for now but please check back here and there because chances are these rules are going to be revised a few times before being set in stone.

Last edited by Sovereign; 2006-10-24 at 11:09 PM.
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Sovereign enjoys the static noises of ten television sets simultaneously tuned to 412.84 MHzSovereign enjoys the static noises of ten television sets simultaneously tuned to 412.84 MHz


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