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Post Questions about RPG Maker XP
Posted 2007-04-19, 05:43 AM
I have several questions regarding RPG Maker XP.

1. Does anyone know how to do "world map". For those who don't know what world map is, and then I'll explain. When you play RPG games, you often jump into "world map" so called. World map makes you capable to zoom out but the main character (selected character) will stay in a larger form. You will be able to walk around (as in if everything was zoomed out) so each mile would be 2-5 steps in world map...
2. (If "world map" is available option) an airship, ship, horse etc. while in world map…
3. Can anyone tell me about how to use script...?
4. How to do cutscenes, in ordinary color and sepia...
5. How can I save my game and show to others by sending via mail or any other way...?
6. Where am I able to get a midi sound creator (or something like that)...?
7. Where am I able to get a decent sprite maker...?
8. How to make a catterpillar, (for those who have played Final Fantasy VIII, it is where your party is following you even though its not a cutscene, resembling a catterpillar)...
9. How am I able to create characters without starting with them...?
10. How am I able to make a text box appear saying: '(name) left the party!' and somone left the party...
11. How am I able to make a character leave a party and leave items he took such as armors or items...?
12. How am I able to make a text box appear saying: '(name) joined the party!'
13. How can I make a boss speak while in battle...?
14. How can I make boss have two supportive enemies at his side...
15. How can I make someone hand gold, item, armor etc. to another...
16. While in battle an art that signifies the class you’re currently in (which follows RPG Maker XP) appears, I know how to disable the art but am I able to make both enemy and character sprite figures? Or enemy a high-quality sprite figure (if you know what I mean)...

That's all for now, be sure to check again, I'll probably edit. It will be appreciated if someone will answer and post a link to a tutorial or tell themselves. Please be sure to give precise information so I won't go wrong.
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