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Story of Kauri
Posted 2004-06-05, 03:18 PM
*This story is gonna be made of a serious of writing exercises

Water shimmered purplelish orange as it crawled down his rugged skin and the trees nearby hissed and taunted to keep nearby watchers away. But the evening sun still caught a glance of its creation hiding behind a flock of clouds.
"Ma'ma I have seemed to work up an appetite!!!," Kauri placed the empty bucket onto a nearby tree stump.
"Damnit, Kauri fix it ya'self, ya almost fourteen, and will have to take over da ranch soon," Raising his hand, Kauri grabbed a nearby Towel which put up a struggle. Clinging onto the the string of which it hung but, still snapped like a sheet of notebook paper, from its resting place. Kauri groaned in a nagging tone, slapping the towel onto his skin and flinging it behind him. After grabbing the door knob the string could be heard whiping the air. The door creaked open, giving access for Kauri to slip through.
"What in hoss's dung are ya doing," He reached over as if to strike the person he yelled at. "I cant go any where wiht out ya two doin somthin stupid," He reached for the items his brothers were playing with. But, one of his brothers backed his hand to far into the fireplace. As if it were a person sticking a finger down their throat, it spit up some coal. The Heated Rock soar threw the air, until it collided into Kauri's cheek.

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Aurvian is neither ape nor machine; has so far settled for the in-betweenAurvian is neither ape nor machine; has so far settled for the in-between

Posted 2004-06-05, 10:48 PM in reply to Aurvian's post "Story of Kauri"
*Exercise 1(above)= In three paragraphs describe somethin that you've experienced and make it fiction
(I described when me and my enemy got into a fight and he through a brick at my head = but since this is a fictionous story I made the enemy his brothers and a fireplace, instead of a brick he got hit with a big peice of hot coal.".
Exercise #2

Chapter 2 The Doctors Office
Shapes of Rectangles and Sqaures hiding from light appeared as he tried to open his eyes, as if physically fighting death himself he tried to wakeup but could not seem to do so. An Unknown figured loomed over him, dark mysterious and pushing him down. With extra hands the shadow forced a liquid down his throat. Death was toying with him, experimenting doing satan's work in order to find gods secrets. And he could feel the substance he was forced to drink, as its cold body slithered down. Down from his throat to his Stomach. But as The two demons let there gaurd down he was able to push his eyes ajar. Far enough to where he could see a mark on its head engraved in red, but he couldnt see what it displayed only its color, a tint of red. With all this he didnt happen to notice that he was laying on something soft, thin, and smooth; it was somethin wonderful within this heap of punishment. Not even the smell was delightful, an aroma that was bitter as a grumpy old women and taste like Cherries, Rotten Fish, Ear wax, and Olives . He put his hand to the side, flinging it over as if he were bonelss or just piss drunk. He could feel somethin beside him with teeth that cut him without chumping down. Seeing he tried to exscape the two aliens immediatly rushed over.
"Doctor," He felt the nurses soft hands lift his arm, "Hes done it again," and the tender bandage as they wrapped it around his arm.
"De'Lyla its only an effect from the medication we gave him to stop the bleeding and make sure he doesnt get an infection" Then his eyes bolted open giving him view of the wooden ceiling, silk sheets the thorned plant beside him and then before his eyes shut they captured a picture of the eyes of the nurse beside him.

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Aurvian is neither ape nor machine; has so far settled for the in-betweenAurvian is neither ape nor machine; has so far settled for the in-between


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