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Enduracks 1.11 (?) Hybrid Amazon Guide
Posted 2006-05-22, 11:24 PM
1.11 (?) Hybrid Amazon Guide!

So, it is me, Endurack, and I am here to release my 1.11 Amazon Build which I was never able to construct myself. I quit Diablo, as you all know, so I figured I should let some people make this build. I have been addicted to Guild Wars now (I am known as Elder Of Recall) and that takes up my free time. So, Let me simply start by constructing the differences this Amazon Guide can and will produce if a player has the funding. Here are my Amazons old stats (My Last Remake):

Name: CallOfFate_EotD
Level: 99
Bow Damage: 583-6,301
Jab Damage: 1877-4,288
Life: 2,023 Max (No B/O and Depending on Gear)
Mana: 288
Run Speed: 175% (In Titans Mode)
Critical Strike: 71%
Attack Frames Per Second: 8
Resitances: -33 - +25% (In Hell)
Record in ZvZ: Undefeated Overall
Best Kill: Ai-PkGodz, claimed he is the best Zon player I beat him 7:2 and now he plays a necro.
Second Best Kill: Turbolag claimed the throne of the Amazon Title, I came back for a few weeks and used hand-me-down gear and made a LvL 86 Amazon and owned him 6:0.

and here are the new stats:

MY AMAZONS STATS WITH THIS BUILD (Done with Calcualtions so some stats may be slightly off):
Name: CallOfFate_EotD
Level: 99
Bow Damage: 1,168-6,943
Jab Damage: 1898-4,488
Life: 1,982 Max (No B/O and Depending on Gear)
Mana: 288
Run Speed: 175% (In Titans Mode)
Critical Strike: 73%
Attack Frames Per Second: 8
Resitances: +25 - Max (In Hell)

New Gains From This Suit:
30% Fastery Hit Recovery
60-100% More Resistances
+650 Maximum Damage
+400+ Minimum Damage
+1,200 or So Defense
+60ish Strength (More Damage)
+120 Fire Damage
+8 to Your Bow/Cross Bow Skills
+A Whole Bunch Of Other Little Things

1.11 Hybrid Amazon is no easy character to play in 1.11 so if your not even a intermediate pker yet, don’t even bother. They are very, very much at a disadvantage to just about everything in 1.11. Of course Blizzard has once again messed up Diablo, but lets get to the build. This Amazon guide can get you off too a good start if your sick of playing no-skill casters and want to challenge yourself. If you know how to play an Amazon, you can stand your ground vs. most characters. But you will have trouble with just about every class you face on one thing or another. There are many. many Amazon builds but I am here to tell you, from ym experience or 5 years at Amazon, which I feel is the most powerful and versitile Amazon around. Gear can always vary, so read in detail on thei pieces that intrest you.

Zon = Amazon
WF = Windforce
SM = Slow Missile
GA= Guided Arrow = Slow Missile
MS = Multiple Shot
IGA = Invisible Guided Arrow
IBS = Invisible Bone Spirit
WW = Whirlwind
Sin = Assassin
Vit = Vitality
Dungoes = Verdungoes Hearty Cord
CB = Crushing Blow
DS = Deadly Strike
CS = Critical Strike
Desynch- de-synchronization – a form of lag that makes u think you are somewhere but to the server u are else where usually somewhere in your trail.

Strength: 95
Dexterity: 225-275+ (Depending on level and the amount of life you want.)
Vitality: All Remaining
Energy: Base

The Amazon only needs enough strength to toss on a Crown Of The Ages and your new bow will be a +15 Fanatacism "Faith" Runeword. This bow is GODLY. It will upgrade your minimum damage levels so well and provide your amazon the ability ot reach 8FPS or 7FPS if you decide to use a Matriarchal. Remember amazons are built off dexterity for damage. You could use the same items as my Amazon and have 150 base dex and be doing a good 1,100-1,500 less then my Amazon.

Guided Arrow: 20
Dodge: 10-15
Evade: 15-20
Avoid: 15-20
Critical Strike: 20
Multiple Shot: 1-3 (Read Equipment to know.)
Jab: 1 (I Had Level 15 Due to Level 99 so invest later on)
Lightning Bolt: 1
Penetrate: 1-5

Slow Missile: 1
Inner Sight: 1

The Amazon is focused on getting heavy damaging hits against your target in 1.11, thus you want to max critical strike immediately! As for your dodging skills, most of 1.11 is still casters. Go for the missile attack dodging over melee and you can stand your ground vs. them for a while. As for your jab and Lightning Bolt, in hell games everyone gets -100% to your resistances, well Lightning bolt converts your physical damage to lightning making it a possible 1-3 hit KO skill. Don’t over abuse the lightning bolt since people can pick up on it fairly easy. As for your optionals, HIT THOSE DAMN NEWB NECS WITH THAT SLOW MISSILE AND ENJOY IT!!! And as for inner sight, its fun to have it available for vs. zealots etc.

As I stated, I have not made this Amazon in 1.11 nor have I played 1.11 much. As a result, some of my gear may be out dated (i.e: Better Unique Rings or boots).

Amazon set ups are based on IAS, so check out your IAS break points before getting any bright ideas. Heres a link: http://diablo2.ingame.de/tips/calcs...hp?lang=english

Helmet: +2/30% Run/2 Open Socket Circlet, 3 Open Socket 30% Run Helm or Crown Of The Ages (2x 40/15 IAS Jewels or 40/15 MAX and make sure its max Resitances)

Amulet: Cats Eye or Highlords Wrath

Armor: "Fortitude" Runeword

Shield: StormShield 40/15 IAS

Weapon 1: Grand Marton Bow "Faith" Runeword (+15/+2/+3 Base)

Weapon 2: Ethereal Titans Revenge (Upgraded)

Belt: Immortal Kings Belt or if you are not using CoA use Vendungoes Hearty Cord

Rings: Raven Frost 250/20 IS NICE, Bitter Hold

Gauntlets: Immortal Kings Guantlets or if you are not using CoA use a nice crafted or rare set

Greaves: War Travelers, Imp Shanks, or Others

25-30x 3/20/5% Run/Walk Small Charms
9-14x 3/20/20 Life Small Charms
1 Annihilus (My zon has a 19 stat so you may need more strength)
1 Hellfire (My Amazon is calculated with a 20 Stat)

***Stash Equipment***
1 Drawf Star
1 T-Gods
1 Hotspur
Shield 4x P. Topazed
Shield 4x Um Runes (88 all res nice in team duels vs all eles)
1 Nokazan Relic
1 Atmas Scarab
1 Nokazan
Imp Shanks
And any other toys

*Amulet- The options are self explanatory. Use the the highlords that gives your Amazon an additional boots with Deadly Strike of 37% at level 99. Also use Cats Eye for fast boosts. You need IAS for 8FPS so keep an IAS Ammy.

*Weapon- You must have +15 Fanatacism "Faith" for this suit. Using Titans Revenge enables you to use Stormshield easier due to the +20 str. Most people like to use Demon arches, BUT THEY SUCK TERRIBLY DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT USE THOSE PIECES OF SHIT. Reasons!?!??!
1. Slow as Grandma Joe with no legs trying to ride a pogo stick!
2. Artificial damage due to elemental which is very easy to cancel
3. It doesn’t even do more pure damage then titans since titans has +20 str/dex and +4 skills.
As for your bow, construct this Amazon correctly and your target will never even come close too you. It is so easy to stun lock opponents and just destroy them in a few hits with this build.

Explanation- Charms:
If your Amazon is slow, your dead.

Explanation- Gear:
Your focusing on damage in 1.11, you no longer need to worry about your resistances since this build has upgraded those extremely well. You also have more damage reduction with CoA, so thats another bonus. The Windforce bow is now inferior to "Faith". This bow enables high minimum damage and rediculous Maximum Damage with 8FPS ! ! !. With this kind of damage range anything can happen. Factor in the Criticals and Deadly and you may get some nice hit combos. The ED/IAS Jewels simply helps your speed and once again renders in a lot more damage with a bit of life addition. You guys are probably wondering about faster hit recovery, well this build also enables a small amount of it, but you will still get stunned easily. The Basic sum up is +15 - 30% IAS CoA +25% IAS IK +20% IAS Amulet and then +LvL 15 Fanatacism = Excessive 8FPS. Alot of people say 8FPS is a bad idea and speed is always better, well over the past 5 Years of my zon experience I bleive a balance between speed and damage is better. WIth this build your only firing at one frame slower but producing nearly 2,000 damage more a shot.

HUGE HELPFUL HINT: Amazons Block and Dodge more while standing still and walking, never keep your Amazon on Run mode always keep her on walk mode and use “Ctrl” and hold it to run, this avoids the “r” button delay and lets you manipulate its use much easier.

HUGE HELPFUL HINT #2: EVERYONE teleports after a zon and trys to chase em down and rush you, always run and run in zig-zag motions so they have to change their directions of teleport and fire. When you do your zig-zags and your on the opposite side of them wail off a few GA’s and rinse and repeat.

As for classes, I’m not going to go over many since the HINT #2 basically applies to all 1.10 casters since they require no skill anymore and all do the same thing. So heres some quick info on certain classes.

This is where your IGA and movement skills come in. Zon vs. Zon can be extremely fun, or extremely boring. I have had a few duels with other EotD zons that have lasted 8-10 minutes, and some last 1 hit. Basically when you’re dueling, use the HUGE HINT up above vs. amazons and keep your finger on “w” for ready available shield switch. You can train yourself for this by having your friend stand still and you moving around him at a 1 screen range and try to hit him. This will give your aim precision fairly fast. All I can say in Z vs Z is keep your movement going and dodge behind walls when you can. If the zon gets into close facility, then charge his ass and jab the fucker and when he retreats off switch too your bow and wail her ass down.

This is by far the easiest match up. All you need to do is toss on your t-Gods and Imps and throw on your Cats Eye for a run increase and the assassin is finished. I have never lost to an assassin in 1.10 which is so fucking funny since back in Gimmeitam, sins use to give me a hell of a run. Shows you how pathetic people are in 1.10. If the assassin is a WW sin, make sure you have your Atmas Scarab at the ready for the Pd resistance boost, the amp is cheap but so is WW so use it at your will besides you’ll win before the amp goes off.

Face it, your dead. Most use Decrepify, Bone Prison, and Clay Golem and your just done. If your lucky you can get through the armor but most go and be pansy and retreat and recast it. If you get slowed theres nothing you can do since slow now takes your IAS to shit. My best opinion vs. these newbs is piss them off with Slow Missile. If you can’t beat them might as well make him mad. This tactic works very well but again, if you get slowed or prisoned like massive your dead.

Just use the huge hint tactics and haul ass all over the place. For zealots and chargers, using the Lightning Bolt works very well since most lack the lightning resistance. If your facing a V/T with a EotD tag, give up your dead.

Your gonna die in 1-2 hits except vs. fire sorces, toss on those Nokazan Relics and Hot Spurs and move constantly. Most sorceress will die very fast since they are idiots and use Lidless Wall with inefficient DR limits. 1-3 Hits those type of sorces will die. For ones with massive DR and Block hell, run like forest gump and pull an "Endurack".

These fucks are a pain in the ass, theres really nothing you can do against a 500+ eBotD and the ability of them teleporting. Use Lightning Bolt when you can and walk when they go to teleport. When your zig-zagging try to get them to take long WW’s so you can get hits in. If the barb is extremely good he will never do a long WW and your gonna die so run around as much as you can hopefully hes not a newb mana poter and you can win by default mana loss.

Kill the oak sage and kill it fast. Windstorm druids can get you triggered fast especially if they are using a lot of minions. Switch to Multi Shot and run while they chase after you, turn and spray Multi when you can and switch to Shield when he gets close. Once the minions are out of the picture lock on to the newb and stun him, if he gets out haul ass and repeat.

I give thanks to the following in no particular order:

Myself: Showing the Community of Diablo the power of the Amazon and how to play legit and own harder then ever.

EotD- My (our clan jOObelette~!) clan for giving me some sort of purpose to keep on pking and wanting to be the best dueler I can be.

Gimmeitam- For the greatest duels I’ve had in 09 and the experience I gained for all characters.

Rei- You showed me how to play a zon like no one else, I will never forget the public days we had. Still funny how we both ended up in Gimmeitam. Hopefully one day you will be back~! I thank you for taking my dueling to a new level!

Steven- Thanx for getting me into Gimmeitam, best thing of 09!

Blckshdwdragon a.k.a- jOObelette~!- We have had some great times with our zons and our v/t’s thanx for helping me get started when I decided to come back and play Gi again. Also a special thanx for taking Co-Leader rank in Elders of the Dragons!

Laxative/Jay/Rage/Marsh/Clayfu- We had some great zon duels in the days of Gimmeitam, hope your all doing well and hope too see you again soon.

Jill-PvP- Rest In Peace girl! My level 48 Barb still owned your V/T~!

Shags/Soul/Tenken a.k.a Diego – you guys are a pain in the ass to duel as necros but you still know my zon makes you run~ die x10!!!

Endurack: Re-defined Owned With Zon
T3h_jOObifier: Guided My Arrow
Jill-PvP: Blessed My Aim
Clayfu: Taught Me Critical Strike
Blur_MoB: Helped Me Avoid

Clan Elders of the Dragons

Rest in Peace Jill...


Last edited by Endurack; 2006-06-18 at 06:37 PM.
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Endurack is neither ape nor machine; has so far settled for the in-between

Posted 2006-05-22, 11:57 PM in reply to Endurack's post "Enduracks 1.11 (?) Hybrid Amazon Guide"
Nice guide. Also very nice to see a legend back on Zel, even if it's just for a quicky.
I would suggest, Shadow Dancers for boots. They don't have str but plenty of dex, which frees up more stat points.
Also, Strafe! Jesus man. Srafe>>>>>Wind Druids any day, cause it kills the oak, and all theyre meat shields in 1 shot, plus hits them.
Barbs a good tatic is to run away and when
Ive found the zons worst enemy is often any decent dysnch smiter. 2 ways to go here, A. Slap on a nigma and some fcr. B. Slap on some bonemarrows and boneprison they're asses. >:|
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Kaneda is neither ape nor machine; has so far settled for the in-between

Posted 2006-05-23, 11:23 AM in reply to Kaneda's post starting "Nice guide. Also very nice to see a..."
No offense, but thats the worse thing I have ever heard (Enigma Comment). First off, high base dexterity is a must so using Dex boots doesnt free anything up. On top of that, im pretty sure those are those Myrridon Greaveso r something and require 181 Strength. I think they have -10 or 20% Req. so thats like 168 Strength. That means you would probally have to invest 30-45 more base strength in order to switch gear correctly. Also, Strafe can be used i suppose but I never had any issues using my Javelin Skills plus switching to your Stormshield enables you to take alot more hits off a Nadoe so its superior to strafe if you ask me, but I also havent used it in 1.11 to see the difference. Then for the comment on smiters, I really havent dueled many smiters in 1.11 but in Gimmeitam smiters were dominating, probally just like they are now since they have ahh whats it called...."Grief". Newayz the point is 7FPS stun lockes them and if your using KB it will delay them enough where you can probally kill them in 5 hits. Never use Enigma on an Amazon, that is beyond pointless.

Last edited by Endurack; 2006-05-23 at 12:11 PM.
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Endurack is neither ape nor machine; has so far settled for the in-between

Posted 2006-05-23, 01:14 PM in reply to Endurack's post starting "No offense, but thats the worse thing I..."
Nigma based zon worked fine for me when I was dueling act 1 quill rats back in the day.
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Sovereign enjoys the static noises of ten television sets simultaneously tuned to 412.84 MHzSovereign enjoys the static noises of ten television sets simultaneously tuned to 412.84 MHz

Posted 2006-06-18, 11:40 PM in reply to Sovereign's post starting "Nigma based zon worked fine for me when..."
lawl lollerskates. Yeah Zons take way too much fcr to ever use Nigma. I havent played D2 in about a year, but i was always fond of wearing gore riders on my zon they had decent stats and were fairly cheap.

Also if i remember correctly for some nado minion stacking druids who telewhored i think i put on tgods and just used a lightning fury to pwn all of his minions then switched to my bow and pwned him. But my hybrid was a psn hybrid i think i used plague java so i had enough +skills to make my Lightning fury pwn. Oh man i had some good times with that zon. Lawl the first time i dueled anyone they were like wtf? I had an upped eagle with enough ias to reach either 8 or 9 frames.
Think not disdainfully of death, but look on it with favor; for even death is one of the things that Nature wills.
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tidus2005 is neither ape nor machine; has so far settled for the in-betweentidus2005 is neither ape nor machine; has so far settled for the in-between


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