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A completely hypothetical situation on computers.
Posted 2010-08-06, 02:47 PM
Not really.
Let me start off my explaining who "Stompy" is. For a while now, our 'hood has been dealing with a tall, skinny, shirtless, pale, long haired dude, who can't talk right. He got the name "Stompy" because of the way he walks. He stomps. Now, there's been some tension, as the guy is clearly either crazy, too old, or on too many drugs (he does get some pills for being a war vet., apparently). Most of the conflict has been with the guy who lives right across from him, Erik. Erik is also on drugs, and has some issues of his own, in terms of growing the f*ck up. The major thing is, the two just don't like each other, and some violence happened, Stompy isn't allowed on Eriks' lawn, and Stompy once got arrested for public indecency directed at Erik. I'm not going to go into detail, but it was pretty fucked up, you don't want to know.

Anyway, recently, Stompy installed a security camera or two, to his trees, and has them pointing all over. One points right into my bedroom *shutter* so we put black tape over the windows in my house. Recently, my computer had slowed WAAAAAAY down, and was near crashing, when we discovered this morning that my firewall had been turned completely off. Now you start to see the connection? No? It turns out that just a few days ago, Ms.Priesty priest mentioned what firewall and anti-virus we use, and Stompy, being the buffoon he is shouted "Well THAT'S the problem, all along!"
Now, we all know he's an idiot, can't talk right, can't walk right, and is really fucked up... but those cameras sure do work well. He knows his tech, it looks like. So I wanna know...

Did stompy use this information to hack our computer? Is it possible? Has it ever happened to you? Discuss.
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Skurai has an imagination enthroned in its own recess, incomprehensible as from darknessSkurai has an imagination enthroned in its own recess, incomprehensible as from darknessSkurai has an imagination enthroned in its own recess, incomprehensible as from darkness



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