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Riveting tale
Posted 2012-08-25, 03:18 AM
So the other day I'm playing with my girlfriend and we decide to move to a small city and loot some stuff. On this particular server I have an M24 so I decide to give her overwatch while she does the looting. This is a place in Lingor where there are a few hangars and a control tower beside a town. I'm on a mountain about 600m out with a good 120 degree field of view. After not much time I notice someone else making their way towards her so I use side chat to ask for his disposition, which he assures me is friendly. After him moving around a bit in our battlespace, and a curious huey making a few passes as they notice our sidechat mentioning a control tower, he eventually wanders off never to be seen again.

Not long after another comes along that won't respond to my inquiries in sidechat so I just continue to observe while my girlfriend hides nearby. I watch the guy for maybe five minutes and suddenly there is firing, which isn't him since he's running and isn't my girlfriend. I continue watching and realize very quickly that he's getting shot at. He turns around and begins to return fire and I see him trying his best to move tactically, while I search for the aggressor. I spot a guy running along a wall near some camo netting in a ghillie suit, firing towards our John Doe. The guy is clearly a bandit, having fired first without being provoked. -BAAM- He goes down, but is still alive. -BAAM- -BAAM- -BAAM- -BAAM-. Well not the cleanest first snipe for 600m but I think he was probably dead after the second or first shot anyways, just latency and all (It's a Germany based server). Plus, you can never trust them to stay down, with zombies and the like. Unfortunately the other guy also dies about this time, presumably having been shot before I killed the bandit and maybe bled out.

However - Bandit Kills: 1. Win, I'm happy.
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