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Posted 2012-10-04, 06:38 PM in reply to Skurai's post starting "That's what I just said, yes. People..."
You act like voting directly decides who wins. Nay, voting decides representatives that decide who wins. Representatives aren't generally unintelligent. Thus, the chaff of individuals you mentioned is more or less eliminated. Electoral votes; read up.

Also, the voting rate in the US for the 2008 election was only 57%. Excluding the amount of people that voted because it was a key racial landmark in US politics, that's only little more than half of the US population. The majority of the rest are either disconcerted Americans or the "Stupid people" as you said. The candidates would really have to focus on issues like gun control and homosexual marriage to incite more votes, and they just aren't key subjects when the backdrop for this election is the rate at which the economy hasn't recovered.

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