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Question What is your net worth?
Posted 2005-03-11, 07:19 PM
How much are you worth? What is your net worth?

Just do a quick estimate it should be like everything you own minus what you owe. So an example would be (making this up)

Assets (You, not your parents, anything that you got as a gift is yours)
Cash on you: 20
Savings Account: 0
Checking Account: 1000
Car: 5000 (Car is not worth what you paid, use common sense, how much would you get for it ?)
Clothes: 75 (You count them at like 15-20% of what you paid usually)
Jewelry: 0
Electronics/random stuff/furniture: 200
Other: 0 (Anything that dosent fit above)

Debt/loans/whatever (Still paying off car? how much do you still have to pay): 0

anyway then you just add all the assets up and subtract the liabilities. So example net worth is 6295. Anyway what is everyone’s estimate net worth. And you do not have to reply here if you are too embarrassed ? You dont have to post that whole stupid list like that example if you want to do it in your head and just throw out the number.

Ill start with me 35,000.
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