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Posted 2017-05-05, 08:08 PM
I bought this game on Steam summer sale last year. I forgot about it and it's been sitting in my library. I was bored so I installed and started it. What is wrong with me? This game is amazing.

Transistor is a cyber-punk story of a dashing young program that almost got terminated, but instead found her boyfriend stuck in some sort of soul-sword. Beautiful scenery and driving music blend perfectly with this story narrated by your boyfriend-on-a-stick as you seek answers and revenge.

This action-strategy system gives you a choice: execute your well planned attack in an instant only to run around helpless during the time it would normally have taken, or attack in real time and keep your options open. At first, combat seems like an afterthought; attackers are dispatched with ease and you'll pick up "limiters" that make combat harder in exchange for more experience. The difficulty scales up a bit slower than you'd expect but does soon become challenging.

When you start, you get simple moves that combo well, but as you progress, you unlock new abilities and new slots for those abilities. Every ability that you get can be used in one of three ways: as an active ability, as an upgrade to an active ability, or as a passive upgrade. It's hard giving up the proven combo ability of your starters, but eventually, you'll find that they are amazing as upgrades for the new abilities you find. The upgrade system allows for many varied and interesting abilities, especially once you start using two upgrades on a single ability. Some things don't combine as well as others, but the number of viable combined abilities will surprise you.

The music is excellent in its own right, but is perfectly suited to the situations it is played in. For almost all of the music, the main character can stop and hum to the music, not just following the melody, but adding harmony to it. Once I finished the game, I couldn't get the music out of my head.

Overall, the game is amazing. Unless you dislike cyberpunk, can't stand linear stories (guess you can't stand movies, either), or don't like games, you should play this game. It's a somewhat short game, at around twelve hours, but it is a very rich experience; if the short length bothers you, wishlist it and wait for it to go on sale.
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