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Strike Witches
Fantasy / War / Pantsu / Gonzo's last chance at making money etc.

Animation: A-
Story: B-
Dub: NO
Sub: A

So it is possible for Gonzo to make decent anime.....

Pantsu Witches takes place in an alternate timeline where world war two never happened and all the countries have weird ass names. Instead of fighting each other, the world has come together to fight the evil Nerouis (sp?) who have seemingly decided to take over the planet. This show has nothing to do with a war on pants. Shame on you funimation.

The story itself is nothing spectacular. The fights incorporate CG elements very heavily, not dissimilar to vandread, but the blend between the CG and the animation is pretty decent. It seems no company wants to hand animate space ships before. I still think banner of the stars had some of the best battle scenes EVER.

The series focuses on fanservice a lot. There are several bathing scenes with full nudity (minus of course the evil crotch area which japan seems to hate). Nipples, butts, and groping galore. The Witches outfits are apparently tailored to fit EVER curve of their body to the nanometer. (EVERY..... CAMEL AND ALL). There are lots of gratuitous butt shots and crotch shots of our pretty little witches whenever possible. This actually got a bit distracting. I was, believe it or not, actually trying to follow the fights, but I kept on having my attention diverted to sweet loli ass. Even during the fight scenes, the camera angle would always focus on showing the SW assests, Agent Aika style. Fanservice for me is fine. I encourage full nudity of every female particpant!!!... but only when it's appropriate. Bath scenes and random breast groping are fine, but when it's going on during what's supposed to be a serious fight scene it just annoys me.

Overall Suggestion: I think it's worth at least watching it. You will be decently entertained throughout the series. It's 12 episodes long so you wont be spending much time on it either. I finished it in 2 nights.

Next up: Star Trek Enterprise . I've burned through too much anime lately and my reserves are running low. Pay day is Monday. I'll have stuff from the Amazon sale by thursday. I can hardly wait
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