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Good Work! Now, when your done building it you can go ahead and mail it this way. I'll be nice and pay for S&H.

(thats a sweet machine, i'm running on a dell that i found in a foreclosure house. (Father is a real estate agent :P))

I'll be nice enough to not let you financially devastate yourself with the electric bills that this monster elicits.

I overclocked it to 3.4 GHz on air cooling, which, you guessed it, required me to mount a steel alloy version of something out of Metropolis inside it:

(For a while, I was confident that the heat sink wouldn't even fit, but as it turned out, it barely even scraped the plexiglass of the Antec Nine Hundred case.)

The 800 MHz RAM is perfect for a 3.6 GHz overclock, but CoreTemp is indicative of temperatures around 65ÂșC after running Prime95 for a few hours. Thus, I think I'll remain at 3.4 GHz for a while, especially governing that I'm able to play new games on ultra high settings in 1920x1200 with a good to excellent frame rate.

Sadly, it doesn't handle Dwarf Fortress as well as I had hoped it would. It's unfortunate governing that it was one of the main reasons for me to procure a new PC. Here's what the game looks like in action (obviating that it's paused):

It may look trivial, but it will eat your system alive after your dwarf population reaches numbers of 100-150. Also, if you decide to play it, be warned that it's one of the most innovative, awesome and time-consuming games released in the past few years.
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