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Well i for one agree with you. There are to many people out there that just dont understand the plain facts. Maphack is client side, if they can detect it then they are preforming illegal operations to gain the information hey need to determine weather or not your using a 3rd party program that intereferes with thier video game. Blizzard has changed the password to many accounts in a random act to discourage users of the ever so popular maphack. People, for one, are stupid enough to believe that just because they ban people and say its for one reason then thats the gods truth. If maphack IS detectible without invading your computer i would love for them to just explain HOW it is without giving any exact specifications like a seperate string of code in the memory when modifyed sends blizzards a notice that youre using maphack. That last statement was an example that is not what happens as anyone whos taken a look into the source of diablo II maphack would realize.
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