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Goodlookinguy hasn't been online in a while, I'm back with more intonet energy than ever. I'm staying up have the night to write this for no reason. I realize this is off topic; and to get back on topic I found the catapillar script and put it on the tutorial on me site. Yeah, I'm really hyper, my typing speed has increased by about 5 fold, and increasing at that. I could probably keep typing, but I really don't feel like it. Or maybe I will just to make you read all of this. If you are still reading this then you probably have no life, like me right now, and are wondering why I just keep on writing even though I've already written down what I had to write. I feel that in the future there will be a cheese war. Get ready for the Cheese Wars, a new online thing I'm putting together. I've been developing this silly idea for a while and am now going to suddenly put it online. You'll have to wait before I put up a topic on Zelaron or my site, that talks about the on-going Cheese Wars 1999-????. Be ready the wars are on. Hey looky lou, I'm still typing this at an increadible rate, wow this is really fast if there are any spelling mistakes, that is because I'm typing really really fats. Writing, writing, writing, I'm probably going to get a refurl or get banned for doing this. But believe me It's not my fault, caffiene filled drinks make me go insane, especially with a keyboard. As I keep writing I wonder to myself if you are really still reading this, and if you are, thank you. If you're not then screw you, but wait you won't see this, dang it! Too much writing and all within 4 minutes of hyper power keyboarding. As I come to an end here, I leave you with one last message, NRG's Fuzion Gaming has found an HTML scripter and the actual site is going to be up in the next two months. The site will talk about upcoming games in Japan/America. Also be talking about Games made by people like up the RPG Makers community, and so fourth. So Good luck to me and my new site with upcoming power. And don't forget the Cheese Wars are coming as well. If you want to visit my forum go to this web address . If you like it why not stay, I don't have many people on the site at all, so please help me by becoming a member. I am, and always will be, "The One & Only NRG - Goodlookinguy".

Sincerly NRG - Goodlookinguy
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疲れていますから 寝むってありますね。 むずかしいです。 また、ケーキ屋で ケーキを食べていました。

I've considered being a translator, but I dunno. It feels like a lot of work. If someone gets angry then I have to deal with it, you know? I'd rather just relax.

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#01 Clannad ~After Story~
#02 Trigun {Maximum}
#03 Koi Kaze
#04 Berserk
#05 Outlaw Star
#06 Slayers
#07 Desert Punk
#08 Spirited Away
#09 Fullmetal Alchemist
#10 Shakugan no Shana
#11 Death Note
#12 FLCL
#13 Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
#14 Toradora
#15 Gunslinger Girl

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