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Less mods,

I would make the argument that Oblivion was mediocre. The game play was incredibly stale, the environments recycled, and the combat system was also fairly lame. The removal of tons of spells and weapon types, blah blah blah you get the picture. Skyrim was a step up in terms of graphics, epicness, and... dragons? In terms of openness of gameplay, which is something I treasure in an RPG, the Elder Scrolls has been backpedaling since Morrowind. After playing Morrowind, I accepted the limitations of games at that time as far as real openness (I mean here options given to the player in given situations), but instead of moving forward with new hardware at their disposal, they are moving backwards by simplifying things to the point of dullsville. Don't get me wrong, I played Skyrim quite a bit too, but after you get the only handful of spells in the game, or max the only three weapon skills, it can get pretty boring, and unbelievably constricting to the player. Actually what got me to stop playing Skyrim, on top of an ever increasing pile of shenanigans, is the existence of invincible NPCs (including children). Sure you'll throw the argument of story breaking at me by killing essential characters, but let's not pretend like we don't all save the game every 5 minutes. And the PC decision to make kids invulnerable just makes me feel like I'm being coddled as a gamer, which I don't need and I'm guessing you don't need either. Any argument about kids playing the game is a moot point since not only is the game rated M, but it could have an option for realism at the beginning of a game which would just set a token to "Children_Death=true" ad "Story_Characters_Death=True" and simply when you kill those characters if those tokens are set then they die and maybe it pops up a message for you (again this could be set by a token if you didn't want spoilers by knowing which characters are essential to the story). And speaking of saving every 5 minutes, that makes the game seem highly inconsequential. So what if I make a bad decision, I'll just reload it. I'm not blaming this on Bethesda as this just seems to be a trend in games lately, where you can just save and recover whenever and wherever. I guess the only reason I like this myself is when you're not sure if a game will behave realistically in a given scenario (the splinter cell series is notorious for this)

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S2 AM shows clear signs of ignorance and confidence; the two things needed to succeed in lifeS2 AM shows clear signs of ignorance and confidence; the two things needed to succeed in life