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Episodes 10 - 13 (edited)

In episode 10, Usagi and Ami decide to take a bus to the middle of fucking nowhere so they can pray to their heathen idols. There, they see the obviously evil Jadite but neglect to recognize him even though his disguise is a different shirt. They also meet some bitch with long fucking hair. Turns out the bus is an evil portal to a soul sucking dimension and that long haired bitch is Sailor Mars and her name is Rei. She's psychic, has magic pieces of paper, and can shit fire, making her infinitely more useful than Sailor Moon.

In episode 11 we find this out for a fact, as Usagi rides the carousel and Rei prevents little boys from riding on rides at the carnival. Meanwhile Ami and Luna are stuck doing all the fucking work. Again. Eventually they learn how to work together, after learning that you should only dream while you're asleep. No, seriously, that was the lesson of the day.

Finally, in episode 12, Ami and Rei have an awkward lesbian date on a boat, while Usagi sneaks on and attempts to seduce Jedite. In the end, they kill his girlfriend and he gets molested furiously by the evil Queen Beryl, for failing his mission.

Episode 13
When Jedite is threatened with the punishment of eternal sleep, his only choice is to destroy the Sailor Warriors and redeem himself. He calls them out to a duel, threatening to destroy Tokyo, if they don't show up. Of course, it was a trap, with police officer clay monsters as mooks. They find out that they're clay that's to Ami (Sailor Mercury) and burn them away thanks to Rei (Sailor Mars), unfortunately they revealed their true identities on accident. Jedite animates an airplane in attempt to run them over, but Tuxedo Mask saves them, brawling with Jedite. The two fall into the ocean, where only Jedite rises, claiming to have killed Tuxedo Mask. He then animates a second airplane, planning to crush them even faster. With some fancy maneuvers thanks to Ami and Luna, they manage to corner Jedite. Usagi attempts to attack him with her own powers, but misses. Fortunately, him dodging force him right into the path of his own airplane, causing him to run himself over.
Tuxedo Mask is okay, bur refuses to reveal himself. Jedite lives as well, returning to Queen Beryl, having obtained the Sailor Warriors true identities. Queen Beryl doesn't give no fucks and freezes him solid, then sends his froze body to another dimension. She then summons Jedites replacement......

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