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The game does tell you if the enemy you are targeting has shifted during turn. Generally, you can account for this. The reason to use Turn is to exploit weaknesses of enemies. Backstabbing gives a significant damage boost, for example, but is much easier to do during Turn. Later in the game, some enemies have limited periods of vulnerability that can be exploited in turn. Finally, approaching some enemies outside of turn is near-suicidal. Running around helpless does suck, but I only generally find it to be a problem if I planned my Turn poorly and during the Tests in the Backdoor; because Turn allows you to assault without taking damage, you should be able to kill enough enemy to take the heat off for most of the recharge time.

Depending on the enemy and their level of upgrade, you may dispatch them easily with the same move over and over. This become less true as you face more enemies and more varied enemies. Generally, you will want to weaken enemies with Crash and/or Void for more effective damage application.

For character progression, I never claimed it to be an RPG, but a strategy game. In a strategy game, you generally unlock new abilities/units as the story progresses. This does not make a strategy game an RPG. You do get breaks from the linearity in the Backdoors. Given the urgency of your quest and the impending doom, in many games the non-linear features make little sense; this is especially true in this game.

As I said in the OP, the story is a quest for answers as well as revenge. Detective stories generally live in obscurity until it all clicks. I found the gradual invalidation of preconceptions and the growing horror of the truth to be beautiful.
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