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Mantralord 2017-09-08 03:01 PM

Mantralord's Hurricane Buster '17 LIVE UPDATES
That's right bitches, it's been 12 years since my last live update thread about a hurricane. I don't forget though, 12 years later and I'm still completely batshit crazy. You will all pay. FEMA will pay.

It is time once again to train myself for battle. I have put on my Under Armour underwear and Right Guard deodorant in my defense against Hurricane Irma. I have dubbed this operation "Preparation H" and will document my progress here against WetWired's wishes.

:flipper: 9/8/17 3:39 PM UPDATE!!! :flipper:

I called my mother and shutter up. All shutters are now placed and double tightened with greased up hex bolts from Amazon, as those are enchanted against evil spirits. Since Trump is now prez, the approved "blue collar" hurricane food items include Bud Light, Vienna sausages, SPAM, mayonnaise sandwiches, Frito pie, and cheap sirloin steaks.

-Spector- 2017-09-10 12:07 PM

What part of Florida are you in?

kaos 2017-09-11 08:47 PM

probably doesn't have electricity right now...

!King_Amazon! 2017-09-11 10:41 PM


Asamin 2017-09-22 01:36 AM

Yall still chillin here? Nice to see. Zelaron will never die.

!King_Amazon! 2017-09-22 03:24 AM

The number of regular visitors is pretty low, unfortunately. I think WW, Spector, and myself are the only ones who visit ~daily. A few others show up very sparingly, and almost nobody posts anything.

-Spector- 2017-09-22 10:01 AM

I think Mantralord is dead

!King_Amazon! 2017-09-22 06:04 PM

Nah that gayboi would never let a hurricane fuck him

Asamin 2017-09-22 10:57 PM

Not many people I know actually got it too bad (thank god). I'm still in PA so we just got a lot of rain for a few days.

Mantralord 2017-09-24 07:22 PM

I'm alive!

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