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Grav 2004-10-03 05:21 PM

Computer inneundo
EvilSpaniard: i want to unlock your hardware pipe.....
EvilSpaniard: i want to root your system
Grаν¡tоnЅurgе: raise the voltage..
Grаν¡tоnЅurgе: BOOT MY DRIVE!!
EvilSpaniard: i want to explorer.exe your pants
Grаν¡tоnЅurgе: Lets ctrlaltdelete our clothes
EvilSpaniard: let's bring our network adapters UP!
Grаν¡tоnЅurgе: Oh my... my virtual memory is full.
EvilSpaniard: let me unload a few of your programs
Grаν¡tоnЅurgе: I'm going at 10,000 RPMs O_O
EvilSpaniard: i want to decompress your zip file
Grаν¡tоnЅurgе: You're raising my multiplier..
EvilSpaniard: i want to put my big heatsink on you
Grаν¡tоnЅurgе: Let's share a channel.. you be the master.. I'll be the slave
EvilSpaniard: the data pathway is too tight!
Grаν¡tоnЅurgе: Increase my bandwidth, baby!
EvilSpaniard: i wanna put a pump on your waterblock
Grаν¡tоnЅurgе: Lemme scan your disk..

Sovereign 2004-10-03 05:22 PM

lol .

HandOfHeaven 2004-10-03 05:23 PM


Mantralord 2004-10-03 05:24 PM

Grav, I wanna put my RAM stick in your DIMM slot...

Grav 2004-10-03 05:24 PM

Only if we go at 667 mhz ^^

`Insolence` 2004-10-03 05:26 PM

I want to put my penis in your vagina.


HandOfHeaven 2004-10-03 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by mantralord
Grav, I wanna put my RAM stick in your DIMM slot...

Why don't you just put your 3.5 inch floppy into his drive?

Mantralord 2004-10-03 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by Grаν¡tоnЅurgе
Only if we go at 667 mhz ^^

I wanna increase your AGP base clock to 69 mhz.

Grav 2004-10-03 05:27 PM

Then you're going to have to provide a lot of "liquid" cooling..

Mantralord 2004-10-03 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by Grаν¡tоnЅurgе
Then you're going to have to provide a lot of "liquid" cooling..

I wanna squirt my Arctic Silver all over your processor...

Grav 2004-10-03 05:29 PM

Don't use too much, or you might hurt me when you pull out..

Demosthenes 2004-10-03 05:34 PM


Mantra, do you do this to everyone?

Mantralord 2004-10-03 05:36 PM

I wanna insert my card into your AGP slot.

Grav 2004-10-03 05:39 PM

I have support for 16 pipelines O_O

Mantralord 2004-10-03 05:41 PM

I want to flash my 6800nu into your Ultra.

Thanatos 2004-10-03 05:44 PM

I've been sitting here for about 4 minutes trying to think of my own original computer innuendo, but I can't do it. I'm a horrible person.

Sovereign 2004-10-03 05:47 PM

Ugh, I thought of one but its neither funny nor that computerish..

'Can I stick my power cord in your sizzling hot 550 watt power supply!"

Bleh. Im bored.

Thanatos 2004-10-03 05:49 PM

"I want to register to your website" was the best thing I could think of =\

Sovereign 2004-10-03 05:49 PM

Oh look, I just hit 9k.

Thanatos 2004-10-03 05:50 PM

Go back to Arab.

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