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Sovereign 2010-03-13 07:00 PM

You watch it, you rate it!
Title says it all. Once you finish a series, you must rate it here! Give me something to read / type about when I can't sleep at 3 in the morning!. I'll be going through my entire anime collection over the next... year or so... This should be fun.

Ai Yori Aoshi / Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~
Romance / Comedy / Harem

Animation: A-
Story: A
Dub: D
Sub: A+

While not as good as the manga, mainly because of the lack of nipples and an end to the story, it's still an entertaining watch. These series were one of the first I bought once I got into my anime addiction ( The manga was my second complete series too), and some of the scenes still get to me. I just couldn't find myself getting into the dub though, and everytime I heard Aoi call Kaoru KARU-SEMAH I cringed. DVD 2 was a little fuzzy for some reason... though I can't remember if it was always like that. Maybe my blu ray player is upconverting it weirdly O_o.

Overall Suggestion: Must watch

His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano)
School life / Comedy / Romance

Animation: C+
Story: A
Dub: B-
Sub: A+

Probably one of the only titles animated by gainax that I actually like.... Kare Kano is a nice little story of high school romance. The thing I liked about the series, and especially the manga, was the whole story didn't revolve around the main characters the whole time. They went into some good side stories with a lot of the other characters. Like a lot of other anime thats based on incomplete manga... the ending just leaves you wanting more. The animation though was kind of hit or miss. You would have scenes where the characters were moving VERY smoothly, and then you would have some scenes where they looked like they just scanned pages out of the manga and added music to it.

Overall Suggestion: Must watch.

Next Up:
Either Koi Kaze, Berserk, or Eureka 7.

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:15 PM

Next up:

Koi Kaze
Drama / Incest

Animation: A-
Story: A-
Dub: B+
Sub: A-

Among all of the anime I own, this story is unique. There are a lot of subjects that Ive not seen in most anime, such as a serious incestual relationship, but it's handled in a way that isn't offensive, and that you actually feel bad for everything the characters had to go through.

This series isn't for everyone though. You kind of need to watch it with an open mind. If you go into it with a "OMG THIS STORY IS INCEST DISGUISTING" attitude, you will pretty much hate the whole series. Just take it one step at a time and you will see that this isnt the typical incest / lustful relationship that is mostly seen in hentai anime and manga, but one of love and consideration for the future.

Overall Suggestion: Watch

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:15 PM

(I finished watching this a week or so ago)
Clannad /// Clannad After Story
Drama / Comedy / Romance / School life

Animation: A+
Story: A++++++++
Dub: N/A
Sub: A+

Where to even begin. For starters, never have I ever bawwed like a little bitch more then when I was watching this show. It has squeezed Ai Yori Aoshi / Cardcaptor Sakura out of their number 1 (tied) spot on my top anime list.

Clannad, based on a visual novel by Key, follows the story of Nagisa, Tomoya, and their friends through highschool and the decade or so following their graduation. The series is a mixture of both comedy/romance/drama and some very very tearjerking story arcs. Throughout the series, you learn more and more about each of the characters and why the are they way they are.

The animation is simply beautiful and the character designs are very easy on the eyes. Would you expect anything else from Kyoto Animation? Throughout the series, you will see some flashback-esque scenes with a little girl and a robot in a world that has already ended. The animation technique used for the girl is something I don't think I've ever seen before (or at least that I can remember). You have to check it out yourself because I do a piss poor job of explaining things in words. It's awesome.

Some people object to the ending of afterstory saying something about how it 'Cheapens' a certain event that occurs about 80% through after story. Below is a chart showing the events in clannad and how they unfolded. The said "event" had already happened in the alternate time before the anime series even started. Had it not all the illusionary world scenes would be extremely misplaced and lots of key events with some of the side characters would never have occurred. Ugh. I don't think im doing a good job at all of explaining this show.

Here is the timeline:

Overall suggestion: BUY IT. A MUST WATCH (Watch alone -.-)

Next up: Rurouni Kenshin Season 1

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:16 PM

Rurouni Kenshin Season 1
Comedy / Action / Historical-ish

Animation: B+
Story: A-
Dub: Did not watch dubbed... actually totally forgot it had a dub.
Sub: B+

I'll admit back when I first heard about kenshin, I thought that it had to be the most retarded story ever. A manslayer who doesnt slay anything? Reverse blade sword? Roflamofzlzl. No.

Then I got bored and ran out of stuff to read. At the time I used to work full time at a borders bookstore, so I thought id give some random series a shot. Kenshin was one of those series (along with Girls Bravo and some other bad bad manga). I was hooked after the first volume. I ended up finishing the whole 20 something manga volume series in just a matter of days. After I was done, I wanted more. I immdiatly went online and ordered seasons 1-3 in the economy pack (Or w/e media blasters calls its bulk re release)

Season 1 stays pretty true to the manga, which imo is always a plus. There was some filler here and there but nothing of bleach caliber. The season itself covers the manga volumes up to where the Kyoto arc and Shisio-sama make their appearance.

The voices for the characters were done quite well. Kenshin's VA was especially interesting. From the joking kenshin to the "im about to break my vow not to kill" kenshin, the VA did a perfect job of portraying the character.

The animation itself was pretty good. There was some 'quality' moments here and there, but nothing that detracted too much from the viewing experience.


The fight scenes were very well animated and I noticed very little of that shaky jitterery crap that a lot of older series have (Go see Maison Ikkoku. I got seasick in my bed at times). You'd be hard pressed to notice that this was made in 1996. Holy crap that was 14 years ago almost to the DAY that it first aired in Japan.

Well. It's time for Season two. I'm already sitting here smiling as I'm typing this. I cant want for shishio to make his appearance.

On a brief side note: Has anyone had issues with Media Blaster brick sets coming in with loose disks / broken cases? Season 1 of kenshin and berserk both were broken for me. /annoyed.

TL : DR overall suggestion: A very good watch. Recommend buying it, or at least renting.

Season 2 up next. ETA to review: 3 days.

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:16 PM

Rurouni Kenshin Season 2
Comedy / Action / Historical-ish

Animation: B+
Story: A+
Dub: No
Sub: B+

The whole season revolves around one arc this time, with master vilian Shisio making his bandaged appearance. Good fights, great story, no downtime. It was just awesome fight after fight after fight.

Quality of animation was decent, and kept up with season 1.

Overall Suggestion: Buy it. If you are cheap, find out what goes on in season 1 and just buy season 2. You won't be disappointed

Next up: Maho Shojo Lyrical Nanoha.

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:16 PM

Armitage III
Action / Sci Fi

Animation: C
Story: C-
Dub: didn't watch
Sub: B

I'm kind of curious about how many people have ever even heard about this title.... I've never seen it mentioned anywhere. I purchased this title around the time when Geneon went under. It was down in the bargain bin for some cheap price so I just nabbed it. The series itself isn't horrible... but it's not something that I'd classify with high rewatch value....

The story takes place on the planet Mars. There is some crazed nutbag going around killing people who actually turn out to be a line of robots called thirds... machines that look feel and fvck like humans. Detective Ross Sylibus meets up with cop whore Armitage to find this evil robot hating fiend.

Blah blah blah, more uninteresting stuff happens and more Thirds get their heads blown off..... It's finally revealed that armitage herself is a Third. Blah blah more random crap happens and we get to the end of the series.

Overall: Not really worth buying. It's HARDLY even a rent worthy title. A mediocre way to waste time if you have nothing better to do, but that's about it.

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:17 PM

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Animation: C-
Story: B-
Dub: F-
Sub: A-

It's a decent little series... nothing epic, nothing craptastic. It's your typical magical girl show, fully equipped with (rather hot) transformation scenes and cute girls fighting each other with earth destroying laser cannons. The character designs are cute and the voices fit the characters very well as long as you don't switch to the english audio track.

Overall Suggestion: Would recommend watching if you are a fan of loli and or magical girl shows. Wouldn't recommend buying unless you are a lifeless dvd collector... cough

Next up: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:17 PM

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A

Animation: B+
Story: B+
Dub: F-
Sub: A-

All in all a pretty good show. The animation seems to have gotten better over the first season, but I'm still noticing that EVERY scene has some sort of awkward glow coming from some point on the screen. Lights / the sun / screens / magic circles seem to emit some sort of blinding light that diffuses once it hits the camera field of view.

We also see some nice power upgrades for our two heroines. Fate eventually gets a new form for her Bardiche that makes it look identical to Guts' demon slayer, just more yellow and slightly cute. Nanonha on the other hand keeps getting more and more sleek looking wepon upgrades with her Raising Heart.

The wolkenritter knights were a pleasant addition to the series as well. Signum wields a nifty sword which has a snake form. Think of her as a female renji with a nice rack. Vita wields a giant baka hammer that has a pissed off german voice to it. Shamal just sits back as she is virtually useless in battle... just like that healing captain in bleach who's name is not important enough to remember (unohana or something?).

Overall Suggestion: I think this one is worth a buy. It's nothing overly epic.... but its still some good fun.

Next up: Either Eureka 7 or Kamichu. I'll know in just a bit ~_~

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:17 PM

Maze TV
Action / Comedy / Fantasy

Animation: D- first few episodes. C+ for the rest
Story: C
Dub: Didn't watch. CPM DUB LOL nothx.
Sub: B-

All in all. Nothing really epic or worth spending too much money on. (I got it as part of a sale some time ago. Reallllly cheap.) Lots of slapstick comedy that wasn't really overly funny but added an entertaining cute twist to the series. The story is certainly unique. It has a lot to do with surfing the space time continuum.

The animation is pretty consistant with the times. It's no Mononoke, but for a 25ish episode series that was animated sometime in the mid 90's, its not bad on the eyes. There is a decent amount of action in every fight. Nope. No Berserk-esque still frames here.

I also didn't really get the ending. Why would you want two minds in one body if they love each other? There is no chance of romantic contact! (You wont really know what I'm talking about unless you have at least seen the Maze OVA which I will watch and rate at a later time)

Overall Recommendation: Really only worth watching to kill some time. Nothing really notable about this series other then Princess Mill is voiced by non other then Sakura Tange (Sakura Kinomono CCS). Fanservice is pretty light in this series, with no nudity except for 1/3rd of a nipple at the very end. Buy only if you are a collector.... and a very hardcore one. I have a habit of buying things on impulse, and have gotten stuck with hundreds of episodes worth of series that are total garbage.

Next up: Don't know yet. After watching something 15 years old, I kinda wanna rewatch something newer :P

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:17 PM

Rin ~ Daughers of Mnemosyne~
Action / Mature

Animation: A
Story: A to start... fell down to C- towards the end
Dub: Didn't watch
Sub: A+

Rin is a step in the right direction for anime. It's a show aimed at mature audiences and it gets treated as such. There is lots of blood, lots of killing (some character dying multiple times in quite violent manners), sex, nudity, hermaphrodites, and everything else you see lacking from an anime market that is saturated with this moe shi t like K-ON and Lucky Star.

I really liked how all the violence was portrayed. There were scenes of people with their abdomens sliced open for all too see, people getting shot in the head at near point blank range, and limbs being shot and chopped off in great detail. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a fan of overly senseless violence, but if someone is about to be shot in the head or in the case of Rin in one of the episodes, shot through a freaking jet engine, I expect to see blood. Bloodless attacks and shadow silhouette deaths can go to hell.

The one huge thing that I didn't care for was the HUGE time period this 6 episode OVA went over. It starts sometime in 1990 and goes all the way to 2050 or somewhere around there. We went from Mimi going from a 50 mhz computer with a 300 mb hd, to her just waving her hand and a little pda like hologram would just appear for it. Given the length of the OVA, this just made the whole series seem like it was taking HUGE quantum leaps into the future.

Overall: Buy this! It's something different from the watered down 'action' that most series are today. You wont find steam, special Japanese regional light physics, bloodless deaths, watered down gun fights, or cover crows here.

UP Next: I really don't know. Maria Holic Came in today. Along with Nabari No Ou. To Love RU set 2 is waiting... so is Inuyasha (yeah lol stfu kthx) ssn 3. I was also rewatching bleach too.... ugugugughghghg I don't know. I have to be up in 6 hours. I'll figure this crap out later.

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:18 PM

Detroit Metal City
Live Action / Music

So I discovered something interesting today. My tv can apparently read flash drives and movie files off of said flash drives. Curious to see how it would work / look, I copied DMC over to it and spent the last 2 hours or so thoroughly enjoying my compressed fansub.

Considering the video file was compressed to about 25% of its original size, it looked pretty damn nice... though since this isn't an anime, I find it pointless to rate how the picture looked .

Overall, I really enjoyed the show. The music / concert scenes were AWESOME. Go look up Satsugai on youtube. Good stuff.

Overall recommendation: Def worth a look see. I'd probably buy it if it ever got released officially in the US. Viz has a habit of licensing shows that it holds manga licenses for, so I'm hoping I'll get lucky with both the anime and this.

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:18 PM

Some quick ones for a few movies I've watched recently.

Golgo 13: Queen Bee

Stonehearted assassain who has lots of random sex and then kills people.. yeah that's basically the story. Avoid. It's garbage.

Battle Royal High School

A boy in a leopard head costume needs to defeat the whole high school karate team in order to quit. He does this with no problem. He then gets possessed by some evil being from an alternate dimnsion who got trapped inside of him because of some big breasted fairies evil plot.... enter a bunch of random space time cops that are orbiting the earth, and random trans-dimensional phasing, and you have a lot of stupid crap that would only entertain me after I've smoked at least a kilo of pot (at which point I'd be surprised if I even remembered how to turn on my tv). Avoid. The only thing this show had for it was the attention to detail when it comes to gore.

I'm on disk 3 of 4 for nabari no ou (thanks for cancelling the blu ray release funimation). It started off kinda nice but holy fvuck its gone down the toilet. I've literally spent the last 6 or so episodes watching a character slowly die... with another character going all gaga gay for him...... bleh maybe I'll go watch inuyasha after this... oh well. Full nabari 'review' will be up by tomorrow.

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:18 PM

Nabari No Ou
Ninja / Action

Animation B+
Story D
Dub B+
Sub B+

Enter Miharu. A 15ish year old boy who has some secret ninja power in him that can do basically anything that he damn well pleases. The only problem is Miharu is a worthless apathetic worm who does not want anything.

Gah this series so mediocre... I just forced myself to finish it over a course of 2 nights. I think my brain melted.

Overall: Don't waste your money. Not nearly enough action and too much stupid dialogue.

Next up: Maria Holic. I'm two episodes in as of now, and so far it's fine. Let's see if japan can keep its streak of ruining shows at the very end though.

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:18 PM

Maria Holic
Trap / comedy / episodic nonsense

Animation: B-
Story: C
Dub: N/A Sub Only release
Sub: B-

No consistent story, bad corny jokes, and lack of fanservice pretty much ruined this show for me. Some characters are just flat out retarded, while others are just plain annoying. The only reason the sub was rated a B was because of Maria's voice.

Character designs are pretty cute for the most part. Maria is one of the more attractive traps that I've had the pleasure (?) of watching. He also has a female twin counterpart too.... it's kind of weird.

Overall: Not really worth buying. Nothing in this series really stands out too much. Maria is a cross dressing psycho, and Kanako is a flaming lesbian in an all girls school. You'd think you'd get an interesting original story from that, but it just falls flat on it's face.

Next up: Yokazuka quartet (or something like that)

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:18 PM

Yozakura Quartet
Supernatural / Action

Animation: C+
Story: C-
Dub: N/A Sub Only release
Sub: C+

I must be on a bad streak of watching crap lately. This was another series I just couldn't get into. The show was lacking any good comedy and good fanservice, which would be OK as long as the action was good.... but it had none of that either. Lots of bloodless fight scenes galore. At one point, one of the main characters gets smashed by a lizard the size of a Menos Grande and comes out of it with a few scuff marks on her cheak.

There were some retarded episode plot arcs that dealt with the Mayor of the town finding a stray dog, feeding it and loving it, only to scold it one day and have it run away after which it got possessed by some cat eared possessed **** boy. Sounds retarded on paper? Try watching it.

This series, probably due to it's short 12 episode length, also fails to explain quite a bit of backstory too. How did **** catboy get possessed in the first place... how does a tuned demon come back from 'tune land'..... why the hell was some old man hiding a weapon that could have finished this when the troubles first started in his underwear drawer....

I really am beginning to dislike the 12 episode series. They always seem to do space time leaps over backstories and decent explanations...

Overall suggestion: Boring and at times annoying. One of the characters has the ability to summon pretty much anything. She frequently summons machine guns where she proceeds to REPEATEDLY shout ARARARARARARARARARARARAR (or something along those lines) for a good 20 seconds which a bunch of badly animated bullets move across the screen. I wouldn't even bother renting this either...

Next up: School Rumble. I'll probably review it by season.. or maybe I wont finish it at all. I'm getting tired of forcing myself to finish bad series -.-

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:19 PM

Took a break from school rumble to watch the Blu Ray edition of Ponyo that came in today.

Fantasy / Ghibli

Animation: A+
Story: A
Dub: A-
Sub: A+

While not one of Ghibli's best works, Ponyo is stll without a doubt a very very good movie. The movie (according to the jacket it came in) adapts The Little Mermaid, but makes it awesome and cute!

The animation is seriously gorgeous. In the opening 5 minutes, you see a scene where there are at LEAST 50 independantly moving creatures moving on the screen at the same time. Just to give you an idea of how much time and money was invested in this shows art and audio, let's do some calculations.

According to a website I saw (Not a reliable source but good enough for this comparison), The average 30 minute anime costs between 8-10 million yen (110,000 dollars per episode approx). This averages a production cost of about $3,600 dollars a minute.

According to Wikipedia, Ponyo had a budget of 34,000,000 and a run time of 100 minutes. Do the math.

$340,000 dollars a minute

Overall: A must buy. It's a cute story, which should be enough right there to encourage you to get off your asses and buy it, but the art/visuals are what really brings me to loving this show.

This is how anime should be. Now we just need Ghibli to do a remake of Crest of the Stars with this level of art, and I can die happy.

up next: Still watching school rumble. On to episode 2 of the second semester. So far, there have been some moments were I have nearly hurt myself laughing out loud, but most of the humor is starting to fall flat on its face... and the constant retardation of the characters when it comes to each others feelings is getting annoying.

ETA to completion: 1 week if I keep having to work these BS shifts :(

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:19 PM

School Rumble
Comedy / Half assed retarded romance / high school

Animation: B+
Story: D+
Dub: Did not watch
Sub: A+

I really, really hate overly retarded anime characters. I really do. I really really hate non conclusive endings. I really really really hate romances that go nowhere. School Rumble has all of these and more. Why did I even watch this? Because I was hoping something would develope between Eri and Harima. Nope. No go.

The relationships in this series are all freaking stupid. I know this isn't really a romance series but come the **** on. Tenma likes this weird, airheaded moron. Harima Likes Tenma but the feeling isn't really mutual, so you get a lot of stupid misunderstandings where Harima will think Tenma is doing something because she loves him, when in reality her true intention is something completely different. So... for 40+ episodes, all I am treated to is a bunch of misunderstandings that never end. Great.

The one plus side to watching all this nonsence with the story was the art. It was cute. Fanservice was lacking with the exception of a couple of scenes, but there were a fair ammount of Chibi scenes and a ton of those weird facial expressions that anime characters make that could never physically be done in the real world. The voices were also very nicely done.

Overall: This series really did have a lot of potential but in the end it just fails. All it really has going for it is the occasional cute art and the voice actresses. Really, I wouldn't recommend spending money on this unless you are REALLY bored and enjoy series that just never go anywhere.

I don't know if it's just me or not, but it feels like most of the new series now a days all suck. You'll get the rare good one once in a while, but the rest all either have retarded confusing story lines that leave millions of unexplained backstories, or just Moe **** that has no story whatsoever and is just plain stupid. I'm looking at you lucky star. Anime companies need to take a look at some older licensed and rerelease them in the US... but enough with this half asleep rant.

Next up: Bleach - Bount Arc

I have work in 7 hours. I am so going to be dead tomorrow. Ah well, I need SOMETHING to wash the rage out of my system after watching School Rumble. A bankai or two should help.

Sovereign 2010-03-19 02:19 PM

Bleach Season 3: Bount Arc
Action / Filler

Animation: C
Story: D+
Dub: Did not watch
Sub: B

It's bleach filler.... what more is needed? The animation is bad. It was probably almost all outsourced to korean 'quality' companies. All the fights consist of ichigo getting his ass kicked left and right with lots of still frame grunting added in between.

The story itself is a complete recycle of earlier episodes. Ichigo fights, gets beaten up, hollow shows up, hollow owns the world, ichigo says NO and rips off his mask.

Overall: You can skip this arc and still known exactly what is going on when the hueco mundo arc starts. Seeing how this is filler, nothing happens that affects the storyline. If you find yourself strapped on cash, spend your money on other things.

Next up: Bamboo Blade part 2.. or strike witches.

I cant remember off the top of my head what I have recieved lately. It's a large pile stacking up near my bed.

Sovereign 2010-03-29 08:50 PM

Ah! My Goddess Season 1
Romance / Light Comedy / Supernatural

I'm really tired so I hope my half dead brain is making sence here...

Animation: A
Story: A-
Dub: Once again forgot it even had a dub... I just instinctivly hit 2 buttonts and it goes to japanese with subtitles... heh... heh....
Sub: A

AMG is a rather unique find in the Media Blasters catalog. It's not porn. It's not old. It's not low budget!! (In before MEDIA BLASTERS LICENSES QUALITY CONTENT! It's a joke, relax).

There really isn't anything epic in this series. No 300 fps animation scenes, no epic fights like in banner of the stars, but what it lacks in epicness it makes up for in a constant stream of interesting entertainment.

The main thing I liked about this series was the rather unique storyline. It's not a recycle of stuff like Love Hina (Which I love non the less...) where the character relatonships are molded around 'bad timing' and Tsundere hate. You wont be watching the whole series till the end just to find out they never even say I LOVE YOU to each other. YOu don't have random people dying for no reason other then to add drama to the series, or people getting hit by trains, or even spaceships!!!!

The art is good and the animation very clean and smooth. I could not easily spot any 'quality' scenes during my watching of this series. The japanese language track did a very good job selecting people for their roles. Belldandy sounds exactly like she looks. A very very caring and beautiful lady.

Overall Suggestion: A fun series. I'd recommend buying it. The complete collection for season 1 is out by Media Blasters and the season 2 set is going to be re-released by Funimation some time in June. The Individual disks for season 2, except for volume 5, are available on clearance on Rightstuf.com. The disks are from ADV before they ceased operation, so collectors should go grab them now! You can even get a pretty collectors box too if you buy them individually! Welll, at least I'm excited about that.. Both box sets are dirt cheap too. You have no excuse!

Up Next:

Inuyasha Season 3.

Sovereign 2010-04-02 11:11 PM

Inuasha Season 3
Fantasy / Shonen

Animation: A-
Story: B-
Dub: Acceptable. Saw it on adult swim. B-
Sub: B

INUYASHA!!! KAGOME!!!! INUYASHA!!!! KAGOME!!!! It was a long running joke between my friend Dwayn and I. In the past, I remember CONSTANTLY poking fun at this series, saying its **** and that I'll never watch it. It was simply too long and at the time, I wasn't really making that much money working 18 hours a week at an office max.

Fast forward a couple years...

Through someone's suggestion (I think it was THEM anime reviews or something), I watched Maison Ikkoku. I loved it. I shelled out WAY too much for the full series on dvd form (Curse viz and their out of print dvd's. I WANT MY ORANGE ROAD!), but I was hooked. I learned on those fateful days days that Inuyasha's manga can actually write a good story... and I became curious how inuyasha and ranma were...

Well ranma was pretty bad. The jokes got stale, and the retarded characters annoying... but I digress. That's for another review date if I can ever force myself to finish the 4 unopened seasons and ova / movie boxes I have. I decided to give Inuyasha a try and now I'm going to waste probably over 300 dollars finishing my collection of the dvd's.

The animation for something that spans some 180+ volumes is pretty solid. There are the repetative still fran pan shots here and there, and it's no Clannad, but for what it is it works.

The comedy in the series is interwoven pretty smoothly into the story. From Kagmone's OSUWARI to Inuyasha constantly beating the crap out of Shippo, the humor is there in a decent ammount. It's nothing that will blow you off your chair laughing, but without these humorous moments, the series would just be too... serious... and boring... like if Berserk had no Puck. Just fight fight fight power up power up train fight fight.

The character relations are steadily building up nicely. A lot of the characters are evolving (For lack of a better term... I almost wrote for back of a letter term. **** dyslexia!) Hentai Monk Miroku and Sango seem to be hitting it off rather nice, and a little flame seems to have started between them. I love how Seshomaru is starting to soften up a little.... It's amazing what one little mortal girl can do to a full fledged demon. I won't spoil any more! Of course there is also Inuyasha and Kagome. They clearly want to have consensual sex in the missionary position, but we have a love hina effect where both sides vehiamently deny their feelings and just act like idiots. It's ok for now. We'll see if t gets annoying later on.

So far I've only picked up on a few things that I dislike about the series. First and foremost is it's length and the fact that it's not fully released in the US. The final act just finished in japan and god knows how long I will have to wait to see it on my dvd player. Second is the lack of damage the characters get in fights. If you've read my Rin review, you'd know that I hate dumbed down violence. If you get impaled through the chest by a spider arm, you are going to bleed profusly. ALl inuyasha ever gets is a little stain on his shirt. I know since this is aimed at a younger audience that they can't really put full on splatter effect. But one can hope. I'll just have to watch Hellsing OVA to make up for it.

Overall suggestion: It's entertaining. If you have money to spare I'd definitly check it out. Buy a season and give it a test run. It's a good way to pass time.

Next w... wait. I completely forgot! Rather, I tried to force myself to forget... that I also watched the Second bleach movie! I should have just gone to bed and gotten that extra hour and a half of sleep that night.

Bleach Movie 2

Animation: D
Story: D
Dub: Didn't watch

Arent movies supposed to be higher budget then series? The whole movie was fuzzy as all hell. The fight scenes were really not that spectacular, and the story sucked.

Here we have Genious Boy Toshiro running away from the Gotei 13 to aprehend some ghost from his past, captains loosing in battles that they should have no problem with, and story that is not explained well, and makes no sence to begin with.

Overall Suggestion: Avoid. It has nothing to do with any of the major non filler story arcs, and will never ever be referenced in the Bleach Universe again.

Next up: Either A!MG season 2 or Strike Witches.

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