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Mr.Lee 2003-05-16 01:03 PM

Diablo II Quiz!
Re-order the letters so they make a DII related work eg -fwndoriec.
If on right order then it will be "Windforce".

Anyone who got the right answer may do the next word.
Remember make only words that is related with DII.
No rares please.

Gl and Hf ;)

Well i start with :


Gsus 2003-05-16 01:20 PM

um, just make sure u dont use rares, lol

Mr.Lee 2003-05-16 01:21 PM

Yes thx for the suggestion now figure out the word :).

JiDDaR 2003-05-16 02:27 PM

give us a tip

Senesia 2003-05-16 02:50 PM


Come on guys,
Hell Bovine

Don't tell me you haven't seen that one.

So I'm supposed to ask a question...


JiDDaR 2003-05-16 03:14 PM

that was easy "shadowfang"

hm ok ...


kaos 2003-05-18 07:13 AM

screw this that one you have is too hard its prolly an item from 0.1 patch or somethin

JiDDaR 2003-05-18 07:15 AM

no but here is a tip the first letter is "S"

kaos 2003-05-18 07:18 AM

i got it! its "sell the sac" but which kind of sac....

JiDDaR 2003-05-18 07:19 AM

lol no

Senesia 2003-05-18 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by JiDDaR


JiDDaR 2003-05-18 11:54 AM

yeah senesia :)

Titusfied 2003-05-18 03:55 PM

No new word scrabble? I wasn't good at that shit anyway...

Dmaster 2003-05-18 09:24 PM

sacoh atysunrca

2 words.

Titusfied 2003-05-18 09:46 PM

Ugh, are those the letter layouts for the items too?

zethilone 2003-05-18 10:02 PM

I want ever bother!

Ok how about:


This is a nasty one and I think this should be sticky'd

Doofus_AW 2003-05-19 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by Dmaster
sacoh atysunrca

2 words.

Chaos Santcuary

Heres a tough one:


Senesia 2003-05-19 12:03 PM

I know that place. I think that's one of the red portals in Act5?


JiDDaR 2003-05-19 01:05 PM


Mr.Lee 2003-05-19 02:29 PM

Since Senesia dont make the next word i do one.

2 words: "ervxto hlisde"

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