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Asamin 2012-10-07 08:37 AM

Impressions? It is a lot smaller then the other maps but I played it for a couple hours last night and it just made me angry. There's almost no way to lose a zombie and they still have that stupid aggro from a mile away so you either have to prone everywhere, waste all your ammo getting rid of zombies, or log every 5 mins to get rid of them. I wanted to play with all the vehicles but yet again, couldn't do that because all the zombies were chasing me and I couldn't fix them up.

Chruser 2012-10-07 09:21 AM

I haven't tried it yet. Considering that I disliked Lingor Island for being too open, I imagine that I won't enjoy Fallujah particularly much, either.

Asamin 2012-10-07 09:50 AM

I won't be coming back to it unless I just wanna fix up a chopper and fly around.

S2 AM 2012-10-12 10:11 AM


Originally Posted by Asamin (Post 699539)
I won't be coming back to it unless I just wanna fix up a chopper and fly around.

You missed our exploits in the Osprey-22.

S2 AM 2012-10-13 08:32 AM

It was actually really fun, it doesn't have the same maneuverability as the choppers since it doesn't really yaw, and it flies like a boat. I'd generally drop our squad off in a safe zone and then fly up and observe and call out enemy positions. One was real funny it went like this:

Me over comms nearly verbatim:

"There's a vehicle, it's moving down the runway to the... I guess south end? The opposite end from you. He's next to those Hangars with the Chinooks. It looks kind of like a technical maybe, I'm not sure at this altitude its hard to tell"

[long pause]

"He's stopped by the small building by the hangars and he's gotten out... He's going around the back... maybe getting a rifle from the gear ...

[at this point I think he's spotted my teammates on the ground and is switching gear in order to snipe at them]

"Wait... he's getting on the back? - oh shit, ya, ya that's a gun on the back - he's on the... oh shit he's shooting at ME"

[As tracers fly by me, some rounds impact the hull. I up the flaps, the gear, and drop altitude in order to gain speed as quickly as possible to transform the Osprey-22 into plane mode. I get away, but the Osprey-22 smokes from the engines for the rest of the time we have it. Needless to say I observed from a higher altitude and with much more caution after that]

Asamin 2012-10-13 08:36 AM

The neat thing about the Osprey-22 is that it only has the hull, so it's easy to fix.

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