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Focused_Jesus 2010-10-13 08:55 AM

Hello everybody
i understand that some of you already think all i do is get on and play the arcade at school... well that's like mostly true.. but id like to just say hello and introduce myself as the forum says to do.. and for any of you who are wondering im not a Jesus fanatic me and a few of my friends figured it would be funny to make an xbox live account named FocusedJesus and it kind of just took off from there so i dedicated this zelaron account to Jesus and spreading his always forgiving love to the people of this cruel world

!King_Amazon! 2010-10-13 09:33 AM

I'm cool with Jesus.

Chrystalia 2010-10-13 11:44 AM

Every time you get a high score, Jesus does too.

-Spector- 2010-10-13 02:51 PM

Focus, Jesus. Focus.

Skurai 2010-10-13 10:30 PM

Oh, God, I love xBox Live.
"Damn man, you so high, you don't even know who you got high with!"
"'ey man, you alright? It wasn't even that funny..."
"How's it feel gettin' killed by aFatLesbian, bitch!?"

Focused_Jesus 2010-10-16 07:21 PM

yeah xbox is my choice and the best choice of a gaming system and halo its also probally the best game known to man

Kazilla 2010-10-16 07:33 PM

Halo fucking sucks dick. It is all about how well you can toss a grenade at your feet and dance around it until it blows up. Fuck Halo!

and yes, im mad

jamer123 2010-10-16 08:32 PM

kazilla is mad cause he cant get halo reach .... haha bitch i have it allready ... beat it too

-Spector- 2010-10-16 10:04 PM

I bet you've beat your dick 100 times more than Halo Reach.

Skurai 2010-10-16 11:30 PM

All day, everyday, bro!!!

Focused_Jesus 2010-10-17 10:18 AM

its better than modern warfare I mean that game was a total let down you can jump across the game and get a knife kill

Skurai 2010-10-24 08:40 PM

I wasn't much into games like this, other than Mecha games, but my friend convinced me into playing Halo. I'm addicted, haha.

jamer123 2010-10-25 06:03 AM

ive played all the halos ... even have 1 and 2 for computer

D3V 2010-10-25 10:39 AM

fuckin boss

Focused_Jesus 2010-10-25 12:24 PM

yeah halo 1 and 2 had really good story lines

Skurai 2010-10-26 04:40 PM

My friends all said 2 suck'd cox. How is this so/not so?

jamer123 2010-10-26 05:08 PM

so focused jesus wanna hit it up on halo 3 sometime or reach if i can get my disk back

Focused_Jesus 2010-10-27 06:59 AM

yeah for sure ill add you next time i get on, but itll be on my friends acc cause mines currently not gold because my step dad thinks hes a hard ass and got our internet turned off...

Focused_Jesus 2010-10-27 02:49 PM

so zelaron got blocked at my school which is extremely retarted....

Focused_Jesus 2010-10-27 02:51 PM

some people might not of liked it but I enjoyed the campaign

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