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[12:23] System: -Spector- has joined the chat
[12:23] -Spector-: Odd
[12:23] -Spector-: 8/26
[12:44] System: -Spector- has left the chat
[14:39] System: WetWired has joined the chat
[14:39] WetWired: The currently active users page apears to work for me
[14:47] System: WetWired has left the chat
[17:18] System: !King_Amazon! has joined the chat
[17:18] !King_Amazon!: Yeah, I noticed it was working shortly after I had issues with it. I was getting some error before that, but I didn't bother recording what it was.
[17:22] System: !King_Amazon! has left the chat

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