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[04:31] System: Goodlookinguy has joined the chat
[04:32] Goodlookinguy: Hello Me!
[04:32] Goodlookinguy: Hi!
[04:36] System: Goodlookinguy has left the chat
[04:37] System: Chruser has joined the chat
[04:37] Chruser: You're not even here.
[04:37] Chruser: Fear the mirrors.
[05:09] System: Chruser has left the chat
[05:58] System: Lenny has joined the chat
[06:00] System: Lenny has left the chat
[07:12] System: Goodlookinguy has joined the chat
[07:12] Goodlookinguy: Yikkies!
[07:16] System: Goodlookinguy has left the chat
[08:05] System: Wallow has joined the chat
[08:05] Wallow: Typos....
[08:08] System: Goodlookinguy has joined the chat
[08:08] Goodlookinguy: There are no typos, just a non-real word.
[08:08] Wallow: that's an opinion
[08:09] Goodlookinguy: Nope.
[08:09] Goodlookinguy: Yikkies is not a word.
[08:09] Wallow: but that is a word just mispelled
[08:09] Wallow: I mean, that's not a word
[08:09] Goodlookinguy: Yikes!
[08:09] Wallow: not even close
[08:10] Wallow: well then
[08:10] Wallow: now it's a word
[08:10] Goodlookinguy: Yikes is a word fool.
[08:10] Wallow: how did you do that!
[08:10] Wallow: how?
[08:10] Goodlookinguy: How did I do what?
[08:10] Wallow: it is beyond my intellect to understand typos
[08:10] Wallow: they just happen
[08:10] Wallow: that's why I have dedicated my existance to study typos
[08:10] Wallow: my study has gone pretty far
[08:10] Goodlookinguy: -_-'
[08:11] Wallow: I've learned that typos are common
[08:11] Goodlookinguy: Foolish. Half of the words I write out are nonsense.
[08:11] Goodlookinguy: JibberJabber.
[08:11] Wallow: but I'm still observing what the rate that typos appear is
[08:12] Wallow: and also, is typos a slang word or a regular word?
[08:12] Goodlookinguy: ...
[08:12] Wallow: when does a slang word become a regular word?
[08:12] Wallow: this is my art of study at the moment
[08:12] Goodlookinguy: Typo comes from a larger word I believe.
[08:13] Wallow: if you tell me that word, I'll be able to further my studies
[08:13] Goodlookinguy: Typographical
[08:13] Wallow: thank you
[08:13] Wallow: now I will refer to "typos" as typographicals
[08:13] Wallow: now I am official
[08:13] Goodlookinguy: For what? You could have looked that up.
[08:13] Wallow: how?
[08:13] Wallow: that's impossible
[08:13] Goodlookinguy: ~_~'
[08:13] Wallow: typos appear everywhere, but they can't be looked up
[08:13] Goodlookinguy: Swallow.
[08:14] Wallow: they are an anomalie
[08:14] Wallow: an entity in the system of computers
[08:14] Goodlookinguy: Are you trying to act like Chruser?
[08:14] Goodlookinguy: Not working.
[08:14] Wallow: perhaps
[08:14] Goodlookinguy: Chruser has a far larger vocabulary.
[08:14] Wallow: no silly, I act philosophical sometimes
[08:14] Wallow: and I've had many discussions with Chruser
[08:15] Goodlookinguy: Now you're acting kyeruu.
[08:15] Wallow: silly =/
[08:15] Wallow: Kyeruu changed his perspective
[08:15] Goodlookinguy: Not really, I'm sure you saw one of his recent topics.
[08:16] Wallow: so I can't possible act like him unless you specify a date of kyeruu's personality on Zelaron
[08:16] Goodlookinguy: So I can't "possible" <-- Typo
[08:16] Wallow: I must assess typographicals some more, farewell
[08:16] Goodlookinguy: access.
[08:17] Goodlookinguy: Swallow, you're nothing like Chruser.
[08:17] System: Wallow has left the chat
[08:18] System: Goodlookinguy has left the chat
[08:33] System: Chruser has joined the chat
[08:33] Chruser: Assess (-verb): To estimate or judge the value, character, etc., of; evaluate: to assess one's efforts.
[08:57] System: Chruser has left the chat
[09:04] System: Goodlookinguy has joined the chat
[09:05] Goodlookinguy: Looks like asses to me! Whatever, I don't care to ever use that word.
[09:07] System: Goodlookinguy has left the chat
[09:08] System: joe2722 has joined the chat
[09:08] System: Wallow has joined the chat
[09:08] Wallow: Even though Chruser is unique individual, I am not imitating him or anyone on this forum
[09:09] System: joe2722 has left the chat
[09:16] System: Yawgmoth has joined the chat
[09:16] Yawgmoth: Everyone is imitating Chruser, he is the epitome of human perfection. We will all join as one and become the Chruser, humanity perfected in single, fierce, beautiful and amoral entity.
[09:16] Yawgmoth: Then we are become the Singularity.
[09:16] System: Wallow has left the chat
[09:16] System: Yawgmoth has left the chat
[09:17] System: Wallow has joined the chat
[09:17] Wallow: I think that is just a matter of opinion
[09:17] System: Yawgmoth has joined the chat
[09:17] Wallow: Chruser is Chruser
[09:17] Wallow: that's all there is to say
[09:18] Yawgmoth: Opinions will have no meaning when we become the Singularity. All are One.
[09:18] Wallow: now excuse me, I must compile my efforts to reach a better understanding of typograhpicals
[09:18] Yawgmoth: We will cease to be subjective individuals and become objective perfection.
[09:18] Wallow: if you think that is it futile, so be it
[09:19] Wallow: but I persist to rebel against the fate of many
[09:19] Yawgmoth: You will come to learn that typos are not typographicals.
[09:19] Yawgmoth: A typo is a typographical error.
[09:19] Yawgmoth: Not just a typographical.
[09:19] Wallow: then I must call it that
[09:19] Wallow: when I refer to it in my constant struggle
[09:20] Wallow: I will beat typos down until I have discovered all its avenues
[09:20] Wallow: and when I have, I will be a master of typos
[09:20] Yawgmoth: Excellent, every step brings us closer to the inevitable Singularity.
[09:20] Wallow: for typos are infinite
[09:21] Wallow: it is not inevitable for me
[09:21] Yawgmoth: For now, wallow in despair at your summer camp.
[09:21] Wallow: merci beaucoup
[09:21] Yawgmoth: Everything is inevitable, this Great Chain was set into motion millenia ago, it will repeat and repeat until it begins anew.
[09:21] Wallow: Tu entendu mon despaire
[09:21] Wallow: merci
[09:21] Wallow: au revoir monsieur
[09:22] Wallow: or if you want me to speak in my spanish tongue
[09:22] Wallow: muchas gracias por entender lo que me pasa
[09:22] Yawgmoth: I can not write French or Spanish, but I do comprehend the most of your words due to knowledge of Latin.
[09:22] Wallow: pero como yo dije antes, yo voy a resistir la massa
[09:23] Wallow: I am bilingual in Spanish, and am studying French at school
[09:23] Wallow: how much do you know of Latin?
[09:24] Yawgmoth: Not enough, I am solely selft taught.
[09:24] Wallow: self taught means someone did not teach you
[09:24] Yawgmoth: I am interested in languages though and read what I can when I have time.
[09:24] Wallow: and if that is the case, the system did not teach you the language
[09:24] Yawgmoth: Self taught means internet and books.
[09:24] Wallow: therefore, you are closer to a state of rebellion
[09:25] Wallow: and therefore closer to rebelling against the system that pulls all masses to this "singularity" you are talking about
[09:25] Yawgmoth: All actions are inevitable. Rebellion is sometimes the optimum way of learning.
[09:25] Wallow: learning to beat the system that is Chruser
[09:25] Yawgmoth: You miscomprehend, it is not "the system" that reaches for the Singularity.
[09:25] Wallow: he will not pull us to him
[09:25] Yawgmoth: It is the universe.
[09:26] Wallow: the universe has nothing to do with it
[09:26] Wallow: The universe is the setting
[09:26] Yawgmoth: It is the chain of events that started with the creation of the universe, order and discord - it does not matter.
[09:26] Wallow: but that's saying that fate controls everyone
[09:26] Wallow: that nobody has a choice to act on their own accord
[09:27] Wallow: that is not true
[09:27] Wallow: everyone choose their own path
[09:27] Yawgmoth: Fate carries meanings that I do not intend to imply.
[09:27] Wallow: everyone chooses their own fate
[09:27] Wallow: but you've already implied it when you said that the universe controlled everyone's actions
[09:28] Yawgmoth: That is merely your personal belief. You can not prove that, and neither can I prove mine.
[09:28] Wallow: if I understood correct, you said that people did not have a choice
[09:28] Wallow: then this conversation is meaningless
[09:28] Yawgmoth: Not the universe, the actions that were set into motion by the creation of the universe.
[09:28] Wallow: that is still implying that everyone does not have choice in what happens to them
[09:29] Wallow: Like i said, we will see who is right in the near future when the cards are set and future meets present
[09:29] Yawgmoth: Like a snowball that rolls down a hill it become larger and more complex as it rolls further and further. Such is the universe, a chain of events that create other events and other events for eternity.
[09:29] Wallow: but then again, future is always meeting present
[09:30] Wallow: but what if a civilization destroys itself like Lemuria or Atlantis?
[09:30] Wallow: then the Universe is backtracked so to speak
[09:30] Wallow: and has to start that part of its path again
[09:30] Wallow: so it doesn't make itself complex continually
[09:31] Wallow: but it is always working towards complexity in a way
[09:32] Yawgmoth: Every action triggers a reaction, the first action was the creation.
[09:32] Wallow: that's to say that there was a creation
[09:32] Wallow: that's only a belief
[09:32] Wallow: so it can't be proven
[09:32] Yawgmoth: We were shaped by those who came before and we shape those who come after.
[09:32] Wallow: that's to say there were other before us
[09:32] Yawgmoth: The creation was the beginning of our universe, probably Big Bang.
[09:33] Wallow: the big bang is a theory
[09:33] Wallow: it not necessarily happened
[09:33] Wallow: like I said, we will see who is right in the future of the present
[09:33] Yawgmoth: Your fathers and mothers, their fathers and their mothers and so on
[09:33] Wallow: now farewell fellow entity, I must write up some prerequisites for my dreaded summer camp merit badges
[09:34] Wallow: Au revoir
[09:34] Wallow: Chao
[09:34] Yawgmoth: A theiry based on observation.
[09:35] System: Wallow has left the chat
[10:13] System: Yawgmoth has left the chat
[13:18] System: Goodlookinguy has joined the chat
[13:18] Goodlookinguy: I'm psychotic! No, not border line psychotic.
[13:19] System: Coriander has joined the chat
[13:19] Coriander: qtf
[13:19] Coriander: Wtf*
[13:19] Goodlookinguy: ...I love cheese, but I lothe monkeys.
[13:20] Coriander: So, are Cheezits your favorite snack.
[13:20] Goodlookinguy: Blah.
[13:20] Goodlookinguy: I dislike cheezits for some reason.
[13:20] Goodlookinguy: So, I was at the mall the other day and
[13:20] Coriander: Oh..
[13:21] Goodlookinguy: ...
[13:22] Goodlookinguy: I drank so much soda 4-days ago that I ended up with a caffine migraine for over 6-hours.
[13:22] Goodlookinguy: I suggest that you never, ever, drink that much soda.
[13:23] Goodlookinguy: And now I'm off very randomly and as soon as this message appears.
[13:23] Coriander: Alright...
[13:30] System: Goodlookinguy has left the chat
[13:30] System: Coriander has left the chat
[14:51] System: jamer123 has joined the chat
[14:51] jamer123: hello
[14:57] System: jamer123 has left the chat
[15:40] System: Lenny has joined the chat
[15:42] System: Lenny has left the chat
[17:27] System: Willkillforfood has joined the chat
[17:27] Willkillforfood: Hi.
[17:37] System: HandOfHeaven has joined the chat
[17:37] HandOfHeaven: whatup?

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