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[03:00] System: noobpure123 has joined the chat
[03:00] noobpure123: well people
[03:11] System: noobpure123 has left the chat
[03:53] System: darkevil no1 has joined the chat
[03:53] darkevil no1: hi
[03:57] System: darkevil no1 has left the chat
[05:04] System: Goodlookinguy has joined the chat
[05:04] Goodlookinguy: --Goodnight!
[05:17] System: Goodlookinguy has left the chat
[09:47] System: Thanatos has joined the chat
[09:47] Thanatos: wow the activity in this forum is off the charts!!
[09:47] Thanatos: so many interesting threads! so little time
[09:48] System: Thanatos has left the chat
[10:14] System: WetWired has joined the chat
[10:14] WetWired: How about you make some?
[10:25] System: WetWired has left the chat
[10:42] System: HandOfHeaven has joined the chat
[10:42] HandOfHeaven: Why not strike up an AIM convo with D3V. It seems like you're desperate to talk to your boyfriend
[10:47] System: HandOfHeaven has left the chat
[11:02] System: Thanatos has joined the chat
[11:02] Thanatos: HoH, where the fuck did that come from?
[11:02] Thanatos: Fuckin imbecile
[11:03] System: HandOfHeaven has joined the chat
[11:03] HandOfHeaven: Wow, don't get testy because D3V got banned
[11:03] Thanatos: Umm please show me one time I said I miss d3v
[11:04] HandOfHeaven: Well, you sure do bitch about 'not having activity' because of him
[11:04] Thanatos: I said I haven't been posting as much because the activity has declined, aka D3V got banned and took most of the activity with him
[11:04] Thanatos: It's the truth, dipshit.
[11:04] HandOfHeaven: WW is right. If you want threads make them
[11:04] Thanatos: Look at the stats page and tell me how we're active
[11:04] Thanatos: I'm #8 and I'm at 74.3%
[11:05] Thanatos: I rarely come here anymore.. how the fuck am I still 8?
[11:05] HandOfHeaven: Ooo, namecalling
[11:05] System: Coriander has joined the chat
[11:05] Coriander: .....
[11:05] HandOfHeaven: I never said we were active
[11:05] Coriander: Did..Like.,...I miss something?
[11:06] Thanatos: Hey, I gotta stoop down to your level. If you're going to call D3V my boyfriend then yes you are in fact, a dipshit
[11:06] HandOfHeaven: Thanatos PMSing
[11:06] Thanatos: lol
[11:06] Coriander: ....Here...
[11:06] Thanatos: I make one slight comment in the chatbox like an hour ago and I'm PMSing..yup..
[11:06] *Coriander gives thanatos a Snickers and a midol.*
[11:06] HandOfHeaven: Hey, you seemed to love digging your face up his ass all the time
[11:06] Thanatos: lol
[11:06] Thanatos: sure
[11:07] HandOfHeaven: You seem to be taking it personally and I'm just sitting here laughing my ass off
[11:07] Thanatos: Taking what personally?
[11:07] *HandOfHeaven points and laughs at Thanatos*
[11:07] Coriander: ...If the forum had as much activity as the chatbox did right now.....
[11:07] Coriander: It would be awesome..
[11:07] HandOfHeaven: You're getting all worked up
[11:07] Thanatos: yes, I'm getting enraged at a pimply teenager in Minnesota because he called me names over teh interwab
[11:07] Coriander: I'm gonna go watch a guy get sodomized by British police.
[11:08] Thanatos: I don't know what to do :(
[11:08] Thanatos: suicide maybe?
[11:08] HandOfHeaven: You should try it
[11:08] Thanatos: I think I might
[11:08] HandOfHeaven: Your life is pathetic anyways
[11:08] Thanatos: Now who's getting personal?
[11:08] HandOfHeaven: ????
[11:09] HandOfHeaven: That's just a insult
[11:09] Coriander: ....
[11:09] Thanatos: My life is far from pathetic, thanks.
[11:09] *Coriander Proceeds to laugh*
[11:09] HandOfHeaven: Wow so life=personal
[11:09] HandOfHeaven: Did you flunk out of elementary school
[11:09] Thanatos: I sure did
[11:09] Thanatos: I didn't make it past 3rd grade. Which is why my grammar skills far surpass yours.
[11:10] Thanatos: Once again, fucking imbecile.
[11:10] HandOfHeaven: Ha, wow...
[11:10] HandOfHeaven: You're too funny Thanatos
[11:10] HandOfHeaven: Way too funny
[11:10] Coriander: Take it to the flame forum so we can raise Activity!!
[11:10] *Coriander Woots*
[11:10] HandOfHeaven: I'd rather watch porn
[11:10] Thanatos: Why don't you go act like a girl again and chat with people over Zelaron saying "I'm about to fuck Joe he's sitting right next to me"
[11:10] Thanatos: You're pathetic bro
[11:11] HandOfHeaven: Yeah, um, that wasn't me
[11:11] Thanatos: Yeah it was
[11:11] Coriander: Sex­..­Girls­....­Porn­????
[11:11] Thanatos: Don't lie
[11:11] *Coriander is interested now*
[11:11] HandOfHeaven: I'm not lying
[11:11] Thanatos: http­://­zelaron­.­com­/­forum­/­showthread­....­hlight­=­HoH­+­sex
[11:11] Thanatos: owned, bitch
[11:11] HandOfHeaven: My dorm has tons of pussy, and I got a lot of it
[11:12] Thanatos: 06.26.08 PM] <HandofHeaven> I'm 5'3, 120 lbs blonde hair (this is Cassie)
[11:12] Thanatos: LOL
[11:12] Thanatos: what girl describes herself like that to people she just met over the internet/
[11:12] Thanatos: Oh that's right, no girl does that.
[11:12] Thanatos: You made her up to look cool.
[11:12] Thanatos: p a t h e t i c
[11:13] HandOfHeaven: Yeah, that sounds like Cassie to me
[11:13] HandOfHeaven: Too bad she turned out to be a slut
[11:13] Thanatos: lmao
[11:14] HandOfHeaven: I like how you're getting personal and I'm just sitting here laughing because that's hardly a 'burn' because it was true
[11:14] HandOfHeaven: You really are like your soulmate D3V
[11:14] *HandOfHeaven laughs at Thanatos*
[11:14] HandOfHeaven: Why don'
[11:14] Thanatos: Well you really shouldn't be laughing. Multiple personality disorder and delusionment is no joke
[11:14] *Coriander Does a Ricky Ricardo and goes to play Curveball*
[11:14] Thanatos: You should really seek help.
[11:14] HandOfHeaven: you got make more copies
[11:15] Thanatos: Only if you make me a cheeseburger
[11:15] Thanatos: Burger bitch.
[11:15] HandOfHeaven: Who works fast food? Coriander?
[11:16] HandOfHeaven: ANd who has multiple personalities?
[11:16] HandOfHeaven: I fucked that girl for a good month
[11:16] Coriander: Fast Food .. Me?
[11:16] System: slaynish has joined the chat
[11:16] slaynish: hey HoH
[11:16] Thanatos: You worked at Culver's and then Taco John's
[11:16] slaynish: i saw you messaged me on DII last night i'm sorry I didnt get you back. My key is muted
[11:16] *Coriander gives slaynish popcorn "Enjoy the show."*
[11:16] Thanatos: So yeah.. you did work fast food
[11:16] slaynish: i'm currently re-installing classic to test out a new cd key
[11:17] HandOfHeaven: I see
[11:17] slaynish: most of my keys are infact muted, except a select few.
[11:17] Coriander: Did being the word Thanatos.
[11:17] slaynish: well not most
[11:17] Coriander: Have you not worked a Fast food place?
[11:17] HandOfHeaven: With 1.12 you don't need a CD...lol
[11:17] HandOfHeaven: Taco Bell...
[11:17] slaynish: for real?!?
[11:17] slaynish: thats what I heard..
[11:17] slaynish: hm
[11:17] HandOfHeaven: And mind you I was making $9/hr
[11:17] Coriander: Pretty decent pay if ya ask me, for a fast food place anyway.
[11:18] Thanatos: Good for you. Don't slight me because I make copies. I get paid $13.25 to do jack shit. You wish you had a good of job as me
[11:18] HandOfHeaven: Actually, I wish I could actually get a job around here
[11:18] HandOfHeaven: 2 temp agencies (call every day) and 10 other places
[11:19] Coriander: For fucks sake people, This has gone on for far to fucking long. How about you both shut the hell up already!
[11:19] Coriander: >..
[11:19] Coriander: O_o
[11:19] Coriander: Cookie?
[11:19] System: Thanatos has left the chat
[11:19] HandOfHeaven: Bye Thanatos. Have fun crying and smoking your blunt when you get off work. Retard
[11:20] HandOfHeaven: Slaynish, what level are you?
[11:20] System: Thanatos has joined the chat
[11:20] Thanatos: lol
[11:20] Thanatos: You're going to make fun of me because I smoke weed?
[11:21] Thanatos: really?
[11:21] Thanatos: REALLY?
[11:21] Thanatos: lol
[11:21] Coriander: I need to re-install me DII:LOD, but I found another game to entertain me.
[11:21] Coriander: ...
[11:21] Coriander: ....
[11:21] Coriander: .....
[11:21] HandOfHeaven: No, because you use it to cope with your unbelievable depression
[11:21] Coriander: I made stairs!!!
[11:21] Coriander: Yay!!!!
[11:21] Thanatos: Since when did I become depressed?
[11:21] Thanatos: That's news to me.
[11:22] slaynish: oh hey sorry
[11:22] slaynish: ya i am level 18
[11:22] slaynish: haha.
[11:23] HandOfHeaven: Yeah, I'm just level 21
[11:23] Thanatos: I guess if I smoke weed to make Halo more entertaining than that makes me depressed. Wish I had known that sooner
[11:23] Coriander: When a game gets to the point that you have to smoke weed to make the game do what it was designed for, buy another game.
[11:23] HandOfHeaven: Yup, it really really does
[11:24] HandOfHeaven: Coriander, I used to smoke bowl after bowl and play Diablo II
[11:24] Thanatos: Err.. I still play Halo sober
[11:24] Coriander: Because????
[11:24] HandOfHeaven: Thanatos, I'm pulling the classic D3V and 'just messing with you'
[11:24] Thanatos: I don't absolutely HAVE to smoke weed to play it, it just makes it funner
[11:25] slaynish: HELL YEAH!
[11:25] Thanatos: No you're not
[11:25] slaynish: first try
[11:25] slaynish: i got an unmuted key
[11:25] HandOfHeaven: Nice
[11:25] Coriander: Gratz.
[11:25] HandOfHeaven: Oh silly Thanatos, of course I am!
[11:25] slaynish: fuck yeah
[11:25] slaynish: haha
[11:26] Coriander: Now...Question is...Do you have a LOD Cd Key that isn't muted?
[11:26] Coriander: Or is that what you just did?
[11:26] HandOfHeaven: Coriander, you gonna play the new ladder?
[11:27] Coriander: More then Likely, Once I re-install it, Which I'm fixing to do.
[11:27] Coriander: Gonna make a Dragoon Barb more then likely.
[11:28] Coriander: Guys wanna get to together and play once I get it re-installed?
[11:28] HandOfHeaven: I'd be up for it
[11:28] slaynish: no i have a lod cd key thats not muted
[11:29] slaynish: just not classic ones
[11:29] slaynish: i mean i have a lod cdkey that is legit and actually belongs to me
[11:29] slaynish: just not classic ones
[11:29] Coriander: Aaah cool. Gotcha Slaynish
[11:29] HandOfHeaven: I'll be on in a little bit. Gotta go shower and get some things done
[11:29] slaynish: ok message me
[11:29] HandOfHeaven: Peace out. Bye Thanatos!
[11:29] slaynish: ill message you actually
[11:29] slaynish: cya!
[11:29] Coriander: Alright man, I'm re-installing it now.
[11:30] Coriander: Cya guys!
[11:30] System: HandOfHeaven has left the chat
[11:34] System: WetWired has joined the chat
[11:34] WetWired: So was there an update, or just a ladder reset?
[11:35] Coriander: I think just a Ladder Reset.
[11:36] WetWired: Bah, that's no fun
[11:37] Coriander: Nope, Not at all.

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