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[03:49] System: iHear has joined the chat
[03:49] iHear: peace
[03:59] System: iHear has left the chat
[09:20] System: KagomJack has left the chat
[10:22] System: Chruser has joined the chat
[10:22] Chruser: Soon!
[10:32] System: Chruser has left the chat
[13:18] System: Yawgmoth has joined the chat
[13:18] Yawgmoth: Hitlerism
[13:25] System: Yawgmoth has left the chat
[13:25] System: Yawgmoth has joined the chat
[13:58] System: WetWired has joined the chat
[14:23] System: WetWired has left the chat
[14:47] System: Chruser has joined the chat
[14:47] Chruser: Rise.
[15:00] System: Lenny has joined the chat
[15:00] System: Thanatos has joined the chat
[15:00] Lenny: Damnit!
[15:00] Lenny: I hate it wqhen you steal my red. :(
[15:00] System: WetWired has joined the chat
[15:00] System: Yawgmoth has joined the chat
[15:00] Yawgmoth: It begins.
[15:00] System: Chruser has left the chat
[15:01] WetWired: And I thought that two hours would be plenty of time to upgrade... boy was I wrong
[15:01] System: !King_Amazon! has joined the chat
[15:01] !King_Amazon!: I heard there's some craziness going on here
[15:01] Yawgmoth: Progress?
[15:02] System: HandOfHeaven has joined the chat
[15:02] HandOfHeaven: Party up in here?
[15:02] WetWired: Not sure why Chruser just left
[15:02] System: Lenny has left the chat
[15:02] !King_Amazon!: How wrong were you, WW?
[15:03] System: Lenny has joined the chat
[15:03] Lenny: Got mah red back. :)
[15:03] WetWired: Still working
[15:03] Thanatos: Nice turnout...
[15:03] !King_Amazon!: I'm going to kill the countess.
[15:03] Thanatos: not.
[15:04] HandOfHeaven: Hmm?
[15:04] System: slaynish has joined the chat
[15:04] slaynish: whats up guys.
[15:04] slaynish: anyways, i gotta get ready for work. i just thought i'd drop in and say whats up and keep up the good work.
[15:04] Yawgmoth: Hitlerism
[15:04] System: HandOfHeaven has left the chat
[15:05] System: HandOfHeaven has joined the chat
[15:05] slaynish: oh, and look on ESPN sometime for a U-19 rugby tournament friday-sunday i'm playing with Heart of America U-19 select side team
[15:05] HandOfHeaven: Later, Slaynish
[15:05] slaynish: its in denver. cya man!
[15:05] System: Chruser has joined the chat
[15:05] Chruser: There we go.
[15:05] Chruser: Hello everyone.
[15:05] Lenny: =)
[15:05] HandOfHeaven: Ugh, do I need to change my color again?
[15:05] Yawgmoth: You are late.
[15:06] System: slaynish has left the chat
[15:06] Lenny: Nah, your name is long enough for us to work which is you and which is Chruser, HoH.
[15:06] Chruser: The default Windows browser was no longer supported by vBulletin, it would appear.
[15:07] !King_Amazon!: IE?
[15:07] Yawgmoth: What about the update?
[15:07] Chruser: Welcome back to Zelaron. WetWired just completed the update of vBulletin 3.7.1.
[15:07] Chruser: !K_A!, yes.
[15:07] WetWired: Using IE7 right now
[15:07] Yawgmoth: Yay
[15:07] Chruser: Yawgmoth, it is actualized.
[15:07] Lenny: Is the portal coming at a later date?
[15:07] HandOfHeaven: I'm using IE7 right now as well
[15:08] Chruser: Things may on a first glance appear somewhat similar, but in reality, they are very different from before.
[15:08] Yawgmoth: How much awesomer will Zelaron.com become with the update?
[15:09] Chruser: Yawgmoth, significantly, and we don't even have the portal yet.
[15:09] Chruser: Here is your profile, dear discordianist: http­://­zelaron­.­com­/­forum­/­member­.­php­?­u­=­18939
[15:09] Yawgmoth: When can we expect to se the portal?
[15:09] !King_Amazon!: Holy fark
[15:09] System: Thanatos has left the chat
[15:09] !King_Amazon!: That's a cool profile.
[15:10] Yawgmoth: Very interesting
[15:10] Chruser: Only WetWired knows the exact answer to that question.
[15:10] Yawgmoth: Albums are?
[15:10] WetWired: Actually, even I don't know
[15:10] WetWired: I haven't had a chance to look at the new version
[15:10] Yawgmoth: Any preliminary, vague dates?
[15:11] WetWired: I just said, I haven't looked to see the work to be done
[15:11] WetWired: But it will involve more than just installing raw vBA
[15:12] Yawgmoth: I was just wondering if you had a vague idea of when, a week, a month, a year, a decennium, etc.
[15:12] WetWired: For one, I came up with a system that will allow "News posters" to put any thread from select forums on the front page as news
[15:12] WetWired: Probably less than 2 months
[15:12] WetWired: As opposed to having a specific forum for news
[15:13] Chruser: I'm betting on three weeks and four days.
[15:13] Lenny: So where will we normal peoples put the News if there#s no real News forum?
[15:13] !King_Amazon!: Probably wherever the news fits
[15:13] Yawgmoth: Great that I got three visitor messages reading "Lollerskates", "Penis face!" and "Lux et veritas"
[15:13] !King_Amazon!: If it's gaming news, in a gaming section
[15:14] Chruser: http­://­zelaron­.­com­/­forum­/­group­.­php­?­groupid­=­1
[15:14] WetWired: Exactly. Normal people just post. News posters can upgrade any thread to front page news
[15:14] Chruser: There's an example of a public (open) social group, which you can join if you like.
[15:14] Chruser: There are photo albums and neat things like that which you can upload pictures to, comment on and so on.
[15:15] Lenny: Not even subforum for news in Gen Con, say, and news Posters just pick the most exciting from that?
[15:15] System: Mantralord has joined the chat
[15:15] Mantralord: WHOA LOOKA HERE
[15:16] Yawgmoth: What content will the portal hold?
[15:16] WetWired: Well, there is a News and Events forum
[15:16] Chruser: Hello Mantra.
[15:17] HandOfHeaven: Do you still have to upgrade the rep system?
[15:17] System: Wanderer has joined the chat
[15:17] Wanderer: hrm.... something witty: If you can't dance. You fuck a lot of waitresses.
[15:17] System: symnzXx has joined the chat
[15:17] symnzXx: oh shit
[15:17] symnzXx: :o
[15:17] symnzXx: anyway, i'll be back later.. going out to eat
[15:17] Wanderer: adios
[15:17] Yawgmoth: That does not fall under my definition of witty.
[15:17] System: Elizabeth has joined the chat
[15:17] Elizabeth: Wow, it's been updated?
[15:18] Wanderer: i failed entertainment 2101 :(
[15:18] Chruser: Yawgmoth, the preliminary content of the portal will be gaming reviews, news, possibly downloads related to various games and so on.
[15:18] Chruser: Elizabeth, yes.
[15:18] !King_Amazon!: Who is this wanderer guy?
[15:18] Wanderer: a texas chink
[15:18] Chruser: Initially, we had considered to cover a wide area of content, e.g. science, literature, music, travel and such, but specialization is good for search engine rankings.
[15:18] !King_Amazon!: Why the new name?
[15:19] Wanderer: old name actually; i just come down when i'm asked to check stuff out
[15:19] Chruser: Fragmentation of communities is bad.
[15:19] System: symnzXx has left the chat
[15:19] Yawgmoth: Will we just relay news from others pages or will Zelaron try to... do stuff?
[15:20] Chruser: Zelaron will have unique material.
[15:20] Chruser: Oh, speaking of relaying news, there's a built-in RSS feature now.
[15:20] Yawgmoth: Who will create this material?
[15:21] WetWired: Which seems to endlessly spam the test forum
[15:21] System: !King_Amazon! has left the chat
[15:21] WetWired: Definately don't set it up to do that
[15:21] Chruser: Raziel, Mjordan2nd and !K_A! have previously expressed interest in writing unique material for Zelaron.
[15:21] HandOfHeaven: So no more rep system?
[15:22] Elizabeth: The updates are pleasant, they did something similar a while back to another forum I was on.
[15:22] Yawgmoth: Is the Spaceholm-project connected to Zelaron in anyway?
[15:22] Elizabeth: If you'll excuse me though, I have buisness to attend to it was nice seeing everyone.
[15:23] Chruser: Basically, anyone who is fit for writing relevant and unique content for Zelaron, and has the will to do so, will be considered as a news poster and/or reviewer.
[15:23] Lenny: Have fun!
[15:23] *Lenny waves to Elizabeth.*
[15:23] Chruser: Yawgmoth, you should not speak of Spaceholm.
[15:25] Chruser: Regarding the RSS feeds: Once the proper news feeds have been found, it will basically mean we will get news briefs posted on Zelaron per automation from selected sources.
[15:26] WetWired: I say we should let it spam a hidden forum and news posters or something can choose ones we care about
[15:26] WetWired: Automated spam into public forums is bad
[15:26] Chruser: So essentially, that will, if done right, make it possible to eliminate the need to visit external news sites to read the headlines.
[15:26] System: Wanderer has left the chat
[15:27] System: Wanderer has joined the chat
[15:27] Chruser: WetWired, that may be useful. Again, it depends on the feeds of choice. Most of the ones I have seen so far prove to be occasional outlets for nonsense.
[15:28] Yawgmoth: A hidden news-forum seems like a good idea, who will oversee all this content? Are the news posters and such on their own, or will the Zelaron-authority oversee that as well or will new individuals be appointed for it or random?
[15:30] Chruser: I am for full automation from useful sources, to prevent potential paranoia about important news being omitted by a machinating news staff. In such a system, it would most certainly be ideal to omit the automated news posts from the list of new posts.
[15:31] Chruser: Otherwise, we're one step closer to the man-machine synthesis, and who would want that, apart from that Kurzweil looney?
[15:32] Yawgmoth: Texhnophiles, maybe?
[15:32] System: Elizabeth has left the chat
[15:33] Yawgmoth: How will the portal attract new visitors to the Zelaron? And how will it make me rich?
[15:33] Chruser: Retrospective choices are beyond us.
[15:34] Chruser: The portal will provide humorous and unique content, and once you have become an established and popular author, your name will be widely known, thus bringing you many visitors to your personal websites and projects.
[15:34] Chruser: This may, in turn, make you rich.
[15:35] Yawgmoth: Why does it feel like I'm interviewing you?
[15:35] Chruser: So, apart from the ubiquitous changes here and there which will make your Zelaron experience more awesome and all, what else should we mention? WetWired?
[15:35] Chruser: Because... you are?
[15:35] Yawgmoth: Correct, but that was not what I had planned...
[15:36] Chruser: I did tell you I reprogrammed your subconsciousness by remote, didn't I?
[15:36] Chruser: Oh, right.
[15:36] Yawgmoth: I was hoping for some sort of dicussion
[15:36] WetWired: No clue
[15:36] WetWired: Lenny will apreciate the new tags system which I'm setting up for the RPGMaker forum
[15:36] Chruser: Right, the tag search.
[15:37] WetWired: Err, prefix system
[15:37] Chruser: Ah.
[15:37] Chruser: How will it work?
[15:37] WetWired: It lets you specify as set of prefixes for threads in a forum
[15:38] WetWired: You can search by prefix and force posters to specify a prefix
[15:38] Chruser: How are the prefixes selected?
[15:38] WetWired: Dropdown
[15:38] Lenny: Oooh! So I don't need to edit all the RM thread titles. :D
[15:38] Chruser: Does that at all relate to the tag search feature?
[15:38] WetWired: No
[15:38] System: Wanderer has left the chat
[15:39] Chruser: How does tag search work?
[15:39] WetWired: No clue
[15:39] Chruser: Intriguing.
[15:39] Chruser: Let's find out.
[15:39] WetWired: Supposedly, there's a way to add tags to threads which you can search for, but I haven't figured out how it works
[15:40] Lenny: How to add them?
[15:40] Chruser: I'm guessing it's related to the popular blog and last.fm tagging features.
[15:40] Lenny: Oh how the search picks them up?
[15:41] Lenny: Or*
[15:41] System: BludieVyolitt has joined the chat
[15:41] BludieVyolitt: vodka with pomergranet & blueberry juice
[15:41] BludieVyolitt: or a plain jane screwdriver?
[15:41] Yawgmoth: absurdism
[15:41] Chruser: There's an "Edit Tags" option below the Moderation menu in threads. Perhaps that would imply it's staff-only.
[15:42] WetWired: Doesn't seem to be
[15:42] Lenny: There's a box under the text entry box when you make a new thread to add tags... you're not both wondering how to add tags, are you?
[15:42] Chruser: Searching for the tags "lux", "light" or "test" will now lead you to a designated area of interest.
[15:43] Chruser: I'm unsure of its pragmatic value as-is, but perhaps it'll prove useful at some point.
[15:44] Lenny: I can see a good use for it in the RM forum - will make it much easier to find posts about variables to direct newbies to when they ask what they are and how to use them, for example.
[15:44] HandOfHeaven: It shouldn't be staff-only because I see the samet thing
[15:47] Chruser: Anyway, moderators.
[15:48] Lenny: Hmmm?
[15:48] Chruser: There has been a discussion (which I am mostly responsible for) regarding the reinstatement of regular moderator positions for selected sub-forums.
[15:49] Chruser: This hypothetical act is mostly related to making members with special knowledge responsible for creating and managing useful content in areas of interest to Zelaron.
[15:49] Yawgmoth: It could be good for organisation if there were specific moderator for specific forums

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