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Snake enjoys the static noises of ten television sets simultaneously tuned to 412.84 MHzSnake enjoys the static noises of ten television sets simultaneously tuned to 412.84 MHz

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  1. Skurai
    2011-09-03 10:25 PM
    Snake? Snake!? SNAAAAAAAKE!
  2. D3V
    2010-09-03 10:32 AM
    happy birthday snake.
  3. D3V
    2010-08-19 11:57 AM
    what up Skurai/Wallow/Faust/Mdselctr
  4. Skurai
    2010-04-05 07:50 PM
    I ended up getting distracted from FFXIII, unfortunately.... ;(

    YES YES YES IT'S SO AWESOME!!!! Heartgold and Soulsilver are amazing, I made a thread on them a while back, and it doesn't even begin to describe the greatness! Also, for the full experience, make sure to get it from a store, so you can get the poke`walker, too! Also, some games come with walked covers and Lugia/Ho-oh action figures, to try and snag one of those. They sell for the regular price! I was to angry when I found out about them, because I had already gotten the regular version!
  5. Skurai
    2010-03-18 09:24 PM
    Well, I gotta say, the school thing turned out pretty alright.
    As for Final Fantasy, I definately got it! I haven't beaten it, since I ended up getting distracted, though, but the new poke`mon remakes that came out. It's bitchin'!
  6. Skurai
    2010-03-15 09:24 PM
    I did???
    Oh! The thread. No, that just helps me get 4 a day so I can keep my big picture. That's one of the few reasons I stay on Zelaron is because I have a big picture.
  7. Skurai
    2010-03-14 07:42 PM
    Where've you been, home boi?
    Been borin' as hell up in here, fo, where you at?
  8. Skurai
    2010-03-07 04:34 PM
    I'll consider.
  9. Skurai
    2010-03-06 09:10 PM
    Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing.
    Bored out of my MIND!
  10. Skurai
    2010-03-06 06:15 PM
    I sent the wrong link! Here, take this!

About Me

  • About Snake
    Blanchard, Idaho
    World 60/130
    Fly As Fuck
    Skating, School, Basketball...Online gaming I s'pose.
    Uploading Porn...
    Dream Job
    Suckin' dick for beer money
    Computer Hardware
    A cheap computer from Wal-Mart that has been genetically enhanced to destroy any other system. Did I mention it kicks ass? I feel bad to even think about how horrible your systems run in comparison. Sad face. :'(
    Favorite Games
    Runescape...The Zelaron Arcade in general.
    Preferred Music
    anything with enough bass to not allow me to see out my window while driving. Like Wiz Khalifa and T00 Short - On My Level or Musiq Soulchild - Radio. N' check that off "Snake's bucket list."
    Favorite Phrase
    "What are you spooks up to?" - Clint Eastwood "Gimme head, hoe. Gimme head, hoe. Gimme head, 'till I'm dead. Gimme head, hoe." - E-40 "Let's go get some barbeque and get busy." - DJ Jazzy Jeff "Give me a dip?" - Adam Ehrmantrout
    How did you find out about Zelaron
    Wasn't blocked at school, go figure.
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