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Conversation Between D3V and Lenny
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  1. Lenny
    2010-12-07 05:47 PM
    Life goes well, thanks. I'm doing a lot of walking, work during the days and spend every evening in my College Bar (apart from tonight... first in three weeks!). Played in a College production the weekend before last, that everybody loved, and the Big Band I'm in charge of are sounding incredibly good in our preparations for our first big performance [this academic year] next Tuesday. Sure, I've got three deadlines next week, the ice is starting to get annoying and I'm still rone-ry, but I'm soldiering on. Stiff upper lip, and all that.

  2. D3V
    2010-11-30 10:43 AM
    How goes life, Lenny?
  3. D3V
    2010-01-13 04:30 PM
    Lenny, something has to be done to salvage Zelaron, but what?
  4. D3V
    2009-12-28 01:28 PM
    Hello Sir!
  5. D3V
    2008-11-25 04:42 PM

  6. D3V
    2008-09-15 01:30 PM
    So I figured you would vote for me =P ! Bah ! It's okay, the upset is going to happen even if you didn't, just watch.
  7. D3V
    2008-09-10 03:45 PM
    What's up my favorite Brit?!

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