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Conversation Between Lenny and Snake
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  1. Snake
    2010-02-24 05:54 PM
    I'll try my best. -High five-
  2. Lenny
    2010-02-24 05:36 PM
    That's fine by me.

    I find the odd tiff with members amusing, but I don't have enough free time for an all out grudge. I'm a stickler for rules, but follow them and everything is gravy.

    Jamer isn't a long-standing member. Sure, he deserves some respect for sticking it out through some of the shit he got, but he's not been here for as long as some of the others. Nice guy, but he's got no real power.
  3. Snake
    2010-02-23 11:30 PM
    Well, you probably don't want to hear this...But I have no desire to argue with you. I'm not saying that because I'm "afraid" of getting banned, or because I'm a sissy 12-year-old boy. Actually, I just want to log in, and not see my threads or anything vandalized. It hurts inside, ROFLMFAO! That was a joke. Besides that...I'd rather not be on your shit-list just 'cause I spammed a smidgen too much. Sound cool? Hit me back; Peace. Oh, and jamer and I will probably never get along, so don't base your decision on that, puh-lease. L.

    -This message will self-destruct in 5-
    Hardy har har...

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