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Conversation Between Sum Yung Guy and D3V
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  1. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-11 06:30 AM
    Sum Yung Guy
    The funny thing about that pic you put on my profile... I just flew in one of those two nights ago.
  2. D3V
    2009-05-11 06:18 AM
  3. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-11 05:17 AM
    Sum Yung Guy
  4. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-09 07:48 AM
    Sum Yung Guy
  5. D3V
    2009-05-06 03:33 PM
    I will eventually. The problem is I never seem to log on here when I'm not at work =|
  6. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-06 03:17 PM
    Sum Yung Guy
    You need to make custom profile graphics!
  7. D3V
    2009-05-06 11:45 AM
    So you need to shoot me a PM and explain more =]
  8. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-06 11:14 AM
    Sum Yung Guy
    Hello my pretty.
  9. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-06 07:24 AM
    Sum Yung Guy
    There will be a black president when pigs fly. Well now we have swine flu.
  10. D3V
    2009-05-06 06:30 AM
    That is odd, i'm on to you!

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