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Conversation Between Draco2003 and Sum Yung Guy
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  1. Draco2003
    2009-05-26 11:47 AM
    I only had the Crunchy Roll and some Green Tea Ice Cream, but they were good...
  2. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-23 03:48 AM
    Sum Yung Guy
    Hows the sushi?
  3. Draco2003
    2009-05-22 08:58 PM
    Do you think Fira777 could be a Nintendo spy? Maybe they clicked a link in someone's signature over there and seen our Forum War thread... so they are retaliating... I hope I spelled that right...
  4. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-09 07:44 AM
    Sum Yung Guy
  5. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-08 05:41 AM
    Sum Yung Guy
    Yea I saw that. You should make a thread about your issues, there are people here who would actually try and find and help you out with solutions. Just skim through the usual nonsense spam you will get on a such a thread. I know Grav would probally lend some helpful advice, as well as D3V.
  6. Sum Yung Guy
    2009-05-04 08:03 PM
    Sum Yung Guy
    Weeeeelllll heeelllloooo
  7. Draco2003
    2008-09-04 07:26 AM
    WHOA! DUDE! 83! damn... that makes you what.... 175?

    in dog years...

    Anyways, Happy birthday man.

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