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Conversation Between D3V and Kazilla
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  1. Kazilla
    2010-08-27 10:49 AM
  2. D3V
    2010-08-27 10:45 AM
    Love u too
  3. Kazilla
    2010-08-27 10:44 AM
    gay gay gay
  4. D3V
    2009-03-05 04:55 PM
    I got banned for two days I think for calling out spector on being a little attention-whore.. he made another "im going to kill myself" thread and I called him out on it, only the people that have been around for long enough understand that he makes about two per year and always tries to lash out and get anyone that calls him a bitch, banned.
  5. Kazilla
    2009-03-05 04:19 PM
    same place everyone else has been that don't come here anymore. I thought you were perma banned?
  6. D3V
    2009-03-05 04:13 PM
    whre u been
  7. D3V
    2008-12-18 02:40 PM
    Well hai <3
  8. Kazilla
    2008-10-13 07:03 PM
    Good-day mate.
  9. D3V
    2008-10-13 04:24 PM
    Hai kaz..
  10. Kazilla
    2008-09-04 03:34 PM
    ive taken it to chruser, if he cant do anything about him then we will leave its simple as that - we dont need to be around this

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